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TECHSEW Bobbin Winder

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I Have a Techsew 3650 HD that is working pretty well, bit I am having a problem with the attached bobbin winder. It winds fine, but the thread will not go onto the bobbin in the back and forth pattern. I have to manually move the thread, so the bobbin never fills evenly. I have tried moving the arm up and down, but no help. Any other suggestions?


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3 hours ago, AA3JW said:

so the bobbin never fills evenly

Have you tried winding the bobbin without the half moon shaped guide and guide stand removed then adding more tension on thread tension discs? A photo of the winder may also be helpful.


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Hard to tell w/o seeing pictures or seeing a video. However the curved piece between tensioner and bobbin holder probably needs an adjustment. That thingy is meant to fill the spool evenly. And (maybe) you have to play with the thread tension.

Few years ago I made an electric bobbin winder for my 45K / 45D (same bobbin as for the TS 3650 afaik) and w/o that curved thingy the bobbin was not filled evenly.



My machine mounted winder (ADLER made) also has this curved thingy.


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