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A bunch of extra machines

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Hi all,

I mentioned a while ago a few machines I was given as part of a shop closing.  Well, I have a final list I thought I'd post to see if anyone wanted to buy one or some of these...or (even better for me) you have some items I need and would TRADE.  As you might guess, I am an entry level hobbyist in leather and don't sell ANYTHING.  I make stuff for me and family/friends.  I could argue I need NOTHING on this list, and my wife often argues this very point.  Some of these were given to me, so I'm happy to "pay it forward" if possible.

These machines are currently at our home in Northern Indiana / Elkhart area.  I will be grabbing them in the next few weeks and bringing them to SE Wisconsin / Milwaukee.  I don't really want to ship these...but could look into it (or you could arrange it).

Here is the list of machines.  PM me and I can share photos and further detail.  (All of these have tables and motors)

  1. Brother LK3-B439
  2. Singer 112w139
  3. Juki DDL-5550-6
  4. Singer 145wsv27
  5. Singer 144w204
  6. Singer bartack 
  7. Singer bartack 
  8. Singer bartack
  9. Reece button hole machine
  10. Wilcox & Gibbs Serger
  11. Wilcox & Gibbs Serger
  12. Wilcox & Gibbs Serger
  13. Singer 145w304
  14. Singer 145w304
  15. Singer 145w304
  16. Singer 145w204
  17. Singer 212g140 (no reverse)
  18. Singer 112w140
  19. Ace automatic strap cutter (fabric)

Here are some things I need.  To get these, I'm happy to "bundle" some of these and try and make the deal one-sided (in your favor!). :)

  • A Quality STRAP CUTTER  - (this doesn't have to be a machine, although thats preferred..it could be a plough or draw guage, but heavy duty/high quality)
  • A Quality SPLITTER
  • ONE awesome "daily driver" machine that sews medium to heavy leather with thread up to 207





(ps - this is an incredibly helpful site, and the community built around it, and the administrators of the community and site, are so awesome!  Thanks for everything you all do!)

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Please note - To give you an idea of what I'm open to do, here is a trade I made with another person who happens to live reasonably close.  Value-wise, I think it was reasonable...But the big picture is that I need a few things, and I don't "need" anything in the list I sent.  If you do...offer away!

I gave him:

  • 145w304
  • 212g141
  • Singer 18-3 (I regret this one...it was my first machine :()
  • Singer 31-15
  • Techsew 2900
  • Singer 111W155 (with some issues to fix)

He gave me:

  • Brother LS2-B837
  • Singer 29-4
  • Cobra NP-4

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