How I cut string

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Yes sir, I use a draw gauge. This is the one I use, its the only one I've ever used, wouldn't know if there is any advantages to the other ones. I did try and use just a good sharpe knife once, but my patience ran out about 2 feet in and I went back to use the draw gauge.


:offtopic: I'm off the topic here but oh my gosh I checked out your web site that it so cool. The land looks so pretty and the view of the sky ect is just breath taking, its amazing what God can do to show us he's in charge. Anyway I just wanted to tell you that I checked it out and your work you have for sale all looks great.


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This is how I do it now. It's different from how I was doing it last year and I might be doing things different next year. But this is how I am doing it now. Nothing I do is original I have stolen just about every idea I've ever had on any subject. I start with a hide that has been dehaired and has dried in a frame. I cut the whole thing out, role it up and toss it in a stock tank, then go to bed.

The next morning, after coffee and conversation with sweetie I go out and haul the limp, soggy hide out of the water and let it hang for about an hour or two. Then I cut the whole thing into a 3/4 inch strip. This last hide gave about 475 feet. I then take that strip and run it through the splitter and get it all down to the same thickness. After that it is back out to the corrals where the whole strip is stretched out between some post and left to dry for a day or two.(depends on humidity) When that has dried the whole thing gets waded up into one giant tamale and dunked in a garbage can full of water for about 20 minutes or until it starts to feel like half cooked spaghetti. It's taken out and shook out real good then place in some garbage bags for a few hours to a day or so to temper through. This strip will have a curl in it that needs to be taken out before any other string can be cut from it. I run it through on old ax handle with a slit cut in it.

post-5521-1249348511_thumb.jpgpost-5521-1249349301_thumb.jpgHey rob, would you be interestedmin selling some rawhide?

Now I can start cutting string to width, after that is done everything is splitt down to its final thickness. And finally beveled. I only bevel two sides. (Because I'm lazy)


I have several barrels with the tops cut off that I employ when cutting, beveling, or splitting. All sting goes into and come out of these. It helps to keep the string from getting stepped on and tangled up if it needs to be moved. And if I need to leave to do something else I can just slip a plastic bag over the top and keep my moisture in there. If I have to be gone long I will set a glass of water down in there and it will keep the moisture right for days. Always remember to put something on the end of the string if you are going to drop it in the barrel it will save alot of time trying to fish out the end.


If I know I will be using the string in the next week or two I will put in the humidor. There is about an inch of water in the bottom with enough clorox in it to kill most living things. This helps to keep mold down to a minimum.


I think I got it all in here. If you have any question just ask and I'll make something up. If you have something to add please do I am far from having this all figured out.

Rob Gerbitz

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  • What kind of hides do you do? It looks like a basic veggie tan ...

Do you die your lace after cutting it the final time?

How many ounces (estimated) do you cut your lace into?

Do you do 1/8" lace with this process?

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