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  1. That handle....drools...the colors are excellent on the whole thing, great choices!
  2. Hopefully Barry, you are doing better - I had to stop sky diving after my 7th broken rib. It is an incredible rush - the friendships & interesting people you meet doing it create a culture all of it's own too. It's addictive. I'm looking forward to buying some of your tools at some point, perhaps I should now before they become rare
  3. Chicago screws are great for strength, I do some suspension pieces with metal washers on both sides and then a leather setting to cover the metal when I know it will get a lot of wear ... make sure you use a bit of the locktite stuff ... there's different strengths, https://www.amazon.com/Loctite-38653-Purple-Strength-6-milliliter/dp/B0002KKTT0/182-2755863-8864510?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0
  4. It seems like a great machine - the guy over at Toledo told me the basic difference was the arm length & 3500/4500/5500 were pretty much the same machine otherwise.
  5. That's pretty awesome! Copper or rosegold hardware? The black hatch work is very striking!
  6. I think the size looks great - but yes, I have the 9 spi & they create very nice layouts!
  7. Yea - I noted the 3500 is one step up from the boss in terms of all the specs. Honestly - I'm torn - it feels like 1/2" is enough for me & shoes ... and the servo motor is well worth it - but also, I'm not a great sewer of cloth to begin with ... I was told if you're going grab a beginner machine & have a pre-existing business - just get the 3500 cowboy & skip the entry level stuff. I've done calls to 7 vendors so far & read here every month in addition to a few other places. I'm still learning to use the pricking irons oldschool style. http://www.tolindsewmach.com/cb3500.html
  8. I heard these things used to sell for 1,000 or below retail new. Some of the threads here actually back that up. As for the tandy's - I can verify, ~1,500 & 1,300 with elite was what tandy employee told me for them too. I was in last Saturday. It's a tough sale for me knowing I'm paying $300 extra for a unit. Then toss in that $1,500 is very close to the $1,700 for Cowboy 3200 or a step up for $2,100 on the Cowboy 3500 which I'm told is the specs & setup leather workers would want after their first year.
  9. Awesome work - do you bevel your leather edges for the handle leather? If so how? Love the video's too - I think I had watched some awhile back!
  10. That 1st wallet looks amazing - good stitches too! What thread size & size of prick/chisel in mm are you pairing together?
  11. Not the answer you want probably - but every hide is different Seriously. Different amounts of oils, dyes, time in barrel etc...the bridle leather conditioned / loaded with after a deeper dying process than normal. The whole process is done to to quality hides. The leather is supposed to be more supple than other types. One of the reasons you pay that much is that it's supposed to be comfortable next to the skin of the horse. There is a huge variation in pricing by which tannery you goto & they are definitely not all even in quality. Call the hidehouse guys up & chat them up - then ask about samples or samplepacks. They are pretty awesome.
  12. Good stuff, final question - chisels or pricking irons?
  13. Love the detailing ... did you have any trouble putting all the layers together? I keep reading about how interesting it can be...
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