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  1. Not sure what you are looking at or reading but NONE of these machine are made with an aluminum body. Even in the link from Amazon you posted, that is NOT an aluminum body machine. Look again, the body is made from cast iron. With that said, I was skeptical at first of this machine in the beginning, but mine worked right out of the box and all the cosmoline most say came caked on theirs, I didn't experience that. I use this machine for sewing leather tooled patches onto converse sneakers, Hey Dudes, Clogs, and sewing leather patches onto caps mostly, not as my main sewing machine but many that have this machine do. I have a Techsew for that. Since you have already purchased the machine, to help you get it up and running and a list of some modifications, there is a Facebook page that has everything you need, even a manual not in "Chinglish". Check them on here. Karina
  2. Go to this Facebook Group and in the files section there are directions on making Needle Bar Modifications that are quick and easy that will allow you to use Industrial needles. The only tool I needed to do the modification was a jewelers file. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1646031288779869/ Karina
  3. I had one done by a nice guy out of Vancouver, Canada. It was for the spoke wheel from my Singer 66. He even included an adapter for the motor for proper alignment. I ordered two more but he fell ill and never got around to it. He had a Facebook page but it has since been deleted. When I am in the shop tomorrow I will be sure to take a picture of mine and post it. Karina Edit: Found a pic on my home computer of the handwheel
  4. amtan.com is who I use and they are great. The range of colors they offer are AWESOME!! Their tannery is located in Griffin GA which is right down the road from me and I have had the privilege of going in and seeing how it is all done. Great experience. Not Croc, but I just got some Honey Glazed snake skin from them to use on a project - Gorgeous! Karina
  5. Rocky Mountain Leather carries all sizes.
  6. Join the Facebook group dedicated to these machines. Chinese Leather Shoe Patcher Plenty of helpful people that have gotten all the kinks out of the machine and can help others get theirs going. Karina
  7. That didn't last long, too many complaints so they went back to the old ways of no minimums. Karina
  8. I second big Duck Canvas. Great folks to work with. Karina
  9. Contact Bantam (the link you posted) showing him the picture and I am sure he will get you the correct part. That is where I buy all the spare parts for my patcher. Karina
  10. Mine just arrived today! In the process of getting all the grease off, filing down the rough edges, then on to the modifications. I got mine for $112 with free shipping. My intended use is sewing tooled leather patches onto the bills of caps - something I have been doing by hand up until I get this machine up and running. If it does not work out, it won't be a huge loss, and it was a heck of a lot cheaper than those big boy machines. Karina
  11. There is a Consew 206RB-5 for sale at Goodwill located in Colorado Spring, CO. Current bid is $29.00 bidding ends in 4 days. It is pick up only so if in the area and interested, you might want to give a look. Here is the auction site: https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/64847981 Karina
  12. Nice job on the bag....I have that pattern also from Tony.
  13. Clearly missed that part. Doing too many things at once I guess, I just looked at the picture he posted and saw that it wasn't sewn and off my mind went... Karina
  14. I sew mine on by hand, quick and easy to do. I have read on another forum where someone stated they just used contact cement and have had no problems, but I just don't trust gluing alone, which is why I sew them. I am not saying it won't work, but I am think about years down the road, adding the stitching around it just makes me feel better. Karina
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