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  1. I'm not going to lie -- I swiped a bunch of the patterns when you had them up. Including one for a Smith & Wesson J-frame. Did I own a J-frame? No, I'm just a packrat. I even made one for an LCP, even though I haven't ever held one, much less owned one. Fast forward to last week, and I bought a J-frame (Model 37 Chief's Special Airweight). I designed a pancake holster and made that -- I think it sat too low, though, and I was so off on my measurements that after wet molding it I threw in another stitch line along the trigger side by a 3/8 to half an inch to compensate. The next day, I found your pattern again on my computer and decided to knock one out with some stamping, dark dye and contrasting stitching. Still need to do some finishing work on it, but the pattern was sound. I just wanted to say "Thank you!" for your hard work on these patterns.
  2. Thanks, all. Seller said they would ship it (I may or may not have asked for some more bobbins and needles to make up for the delay and shipping method, no point getting greedy). But I think I'll give making one a go anyway. Got a piece of scrap handy and everything...
  3. Well, the seller said this morning to send pics of the part and where it goes (attached), so I'm expecting a new part at this point -- if I don't get it, I'll have to escalate things with eBay. I really don't want to ship it back across the country just to take a lottery spin on another one -- this one works relatively smoothly minus the one broken part (and I don't want them to send this one back out with the broken part . Except for fear of the clamping force, I bet I could get that to JB weld back together and be temporarily up and running...
  4. You're welcome. I was in a bit of a rush to get the emailed pic (with a webcam) off to the seller. Had a chance to find a ruler and my iPhone. Sorry about that! I figured I'd give this bad boy a try -- I've been looking for an old Singer 29 patcher because I have an amazing local shop owner on the main street of town who can work on anything (my mother, a former seamstress, swears by him and won't let anyone else touch her machines), but I haven't found one cheap enough to bite on yet. This will hopefully get me through for a while, help me stitch up some stuff to sell and eventually pay for a better machine.
  5. I'll try -- bought it on eBay from a US-based seller. The product description said 3-day, but it was shipped ground. Figure between the two I may have some leverage. Other than the one part, it appears to work just fine. Bit rough finish (to be expected) and I can't get the smell of the grease off my hands now, haha, but it seems to be overall pretty smooth in operation. I was looking for something to do short runs, and I think this will work if I can ever get the darned part... I can see why people say to ditch the included tripod, though. My goodness what a piece of junk!
  6. So I just received a Chinese patcher (two weeks after ordering despite "UPS 3 Day Select" as the shipping option), but the part identified in the manual as "Needle Bar Connecting Link" arrived in four pieces. Not wanting to screw with a return, I'm going to see what all needs to be replaced on it (and ask the seller to chip in). It appears to be the part that connects the upper arm to the needle shaft (thus making the needle go up and down). Is this the right replacement part? http://www.bantamsaddletack.com/Linker-Arm-for-Patcher-Sewing-Machine_p_62.html Also, anything else I should look for to make sure this thing is otherwise functional?
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