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  1. Hi friends, I'm about ready to throw my bottle of Bag Kote out because no matter how I apply it, it streaks. Is there anyway to "fix" the streaking on clean (no carving) veg tan? I've applied various products on top, including another coat of Bag Kote, but the streaks won't go away. I tried removing it with deglazer with some good results, but the streaks are still visible. I've had this problem with Bag Kote for a very long time and just assumed it was user error, but now I'm beginning to think it's dumb to keep using the stuff. Is there anyone out there who loves it? Am I the only person who hates it? Thanks for your advice.
  2. This sounds like a US Customs issue, rather than the USPS. US Customs is notorious for taking months to process packages and often don’t seem to know the law on natural products like leather. They have been known to mistake cowhide for sealskin, and can’t tell the difference between elephant, mastodon, walrus ivory and celluloid.
  3. When CS at a company I did business with was outsourced to a foreign country I wasted so much time just trying to communicate with people who couldn't speak English well. Most of the problems were either related to education or flaws in the system. Even states-side CS people don't know basics, like there is a state called Washington and Alaska is part of the US. One person thought Oregon was "in California." I have heard "the system won't let me do that" too many times. The people who design and manage the systems never have to use them, don't know the businesses where they are being applied, and are poor at CS themselves. The programs seem to be designed for the accounting department first and foremost. Also, the first place companies cut is CS and fulfillment. The last place they cut is executive compensation.
  4. Is it just me, or has the reliability and customer service from a couple of key suppliers dropped off in last six months or so. Maybe it's a function of Covid. One supplier in particular not only screwed up my orders, but could never get them straight. Eventually, I just cancelled my order and asked for a refund. They never sent a label for me to use to return the items I didn't order, so I dropped the wrong order at one of their retail locations. I won't order anything on line from this supplier. When I want something from them I phone the closest retail store and order it that way. But it's not just them. There is another supplier that can't seem to ship an order right the first time. I depend on this supplier and would use a different one if I could. Thank goodness for one person in their customer service department that always fixes the problem quickly and efficiently.
  5. Thanks William. That's exactly the explanation I was hoping for.
  6. Would an insert of nylon webbing give enough stiffness, or does it have to be steel? I get requests for steel lined belts regularly, but I don't know where to get the steel and it seems like it would be pretty uncomfortable. Can the steel be sourced from a typical hardware store, or is it a specialty item? thanks
  7. Thanks for the responses, gents. It's surprising that latigo is chrome tanned first, then veg tanned. Is that done to speed up the tanning process or to create a particular quality in the leather? Bridle and harness seem to mean the same thing, but it sounds like bridle means something specific in the UK.
  8. Here's my understanding of the differences between these terms, but I'm not confident in this understanding. Please comment on what I'm missing or misunderstanding. They are all start out as veg tan, then are dyed and infused with waxes and oils. Bridle has medium flexibility and will become pretty soft with use. Harness has less flexibility than bridle and has a harder finish. Latigo is like bridle only it has a better finish on the flesh side. In terms of quality over all, depending on the tannery, latigo is best, followed by harness and then bridle. I've talked to people at different leather suppliers, wholesale and retail, and it seems everyone has a different idea. I searched the archive, but was looking for more detail. Thanks for your insights.
  9. I found the company that makes the stuff and their phone number. The number has been disconnected, so I guess they went out of business. Has anyone tried something called "Goop"?
  10. MacPherson Leather in Seattle used to carry this stuff, but they have been out of it for months. Does anyone know where else it might be available? I've checked Weaver, Tandy, Montana Leather and Oregon Leather but came up empty. Google isn't any help either. thanks
  11. Thanks for the replies. I'll give these ideas a try. I wonder if anyone has tried to fill them with paint? Getting the color just right could be difficult.
  12. What is the best technique for filling in or otherwise hiding holes made by sewing gone awry? When you make a mistake and pull the thread out, the holes remain. Is there a compound our technique for filling in these holes or masking them? thanks
  13. It looks left handed to me, because I am right handed and I cross the needles on the other side of the leather from Nigel. But it is still the same stitch, with the same result. The only difference that I can see is which side you cross the needles. Maybe I'm missing something though.
  14. I hear you on that. It is amazing how few people know what goes into making a good belt, but the customers you want will recognize quality when they see it.
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