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Pictres of some of Robb Barr's tools

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This isn't ancient history, but for some of you tool lovers, it might be kind of interesting. My friend Dave Peterson stopped by for a visit today and left a bunch of tools here overnight since he's coming back again tomorrow. Dave is married to Robb Barr's sister Cheryl so when he tools leather, he gets to use tools with some history to them. A big percentage of the tools Robb used were made by Bob Beard. While I was looking through these tools (and trying them out) I noticed that some of them were a little different. Bob's tools these days carry his signiture in gold letters. Several of these tools of Robb's had the signiture in silver. There was also one tool in the set that had a number on the end of the tool, and also said Pro Series LTD on it. Just some trivia.

PICT0263 (1024x768).jpgPICT0264 (1024x768).jpg

There are also a couple really pretty swivel knives. One is a limited edition Al and Ann Stohlman knife numbered 7 of 250. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's a Chuck Smith knife.

PICT0244 (1024x768).jpg

The second I think was a knife made by Bob Beard.

PICT0249 (1024x768).jpgPICT0250 (1024x768).jpg

Then there was a brass tool signed "to Robb Barr" from "Big Foot". I remember hearing stories about Big Foot and seeing some pictures in old Make It With Leather Magazines. If I remember right, he was from Sweden?

PICT0258 (1024x768).jpgPICT0252 (1024x768).jpg

Here's a set of figure bevelers that Robb used. The small one is so tiny I can't even make out the tip with my magnifiers on!!

PICT0259 (1024x768).jpg









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Thanks for sharing these pictures.

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Them suckahs is dun rusted by now :o


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