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Thankfully this was for an understanding friend. First time using color. I was very happy until about a month later my friend showed me how the black rubbed into the face and the yellow around the face. Very disappointing after all that work. My first mistake was using eco flo water based color dye and then using supersheene to seal it. I didn't know about this forum when I started and didn't and still don't really know what the best sealer would be to finish color pieces. I switched to using Belvoir leather balsam but would appreciate any other suggestions.


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That's cool! Nice work!

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Very nice looking! If you had to remake it what would you do differently? I'm wondering as I haven't used dyes yet and want to learn more about it.

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Thanks guys! I would just use oil/spirit dye so the colors don't fade or smear. The black was an all in one dye and it rubbed into all the colors.

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So what do you suggest to seal it? I'm new to leatherwork and this site. I just completed a guitar strap that has parts of it painted with Tandy water-based paints. Will Super-Shene dissolve the colors or make them bleed together?? I just finished it tonight and would like to know ASAP. BTW, the wallet you mad looks great, as does the artwork and coloring.

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You will probably find that others have their own way of doing things and with

time and experience you will get to work out your own routine for how to do whatchu wanna do....

Sometimes there is no right and wrong, but just what ever works for you...

Before I use any sealer or finish, I always wait for the item to dry completely.

Overnight or up to at least 24 hours. I suppose it might depend on things like leather thickness

and how damp your piece is or maybe even things like Humidity, Temperature, or Weather.

so it might be different depending on those things...

Sometimes I use Super Shene or Satin Shene, or Tan Coat or....

It also depends on how you put it on. When I started out I used a brush and spread it on

and I did not like how it looked. Too shiny and looked like plastic... I still use a brush sometimes - so I can get it

into all of the nooks and crannies - but mostly I use a small rag (I cut up old used cotton towels - 3in x 3 in) to spread it around or

dab on a light coat. Then when that is dry I can put on another coat if I want.

I put it on lightly and spread it thin - in a circular motion, watching to see when it evens out and no longer has streaks.

In the beginning it might bleed slightly, but if you dab your finish on slowly,

you'll get an idea of whether the dye is going to bleed or not...

and limit the bleed by dabbing instead of spreading...

That plus making sure your leather is dry should help with the problem

I hope this helps :thumbsup:


don't forget to use the Leatherworker.net search engine

up there in the right hand corner of the pages.

Anything you might want to know has probably already been asked

and you can search for any topic discussed here and you'll get to read lots of

others questions and answers and ideas on the topic of your choice...

I hope this helps too :thumbsup:

Oh and btw - Welcome to Leatherworker.net

and Nice work. Sounds like you are hooked too!

* And also - scroll down below this and at the bottom of the page you will

see some links to old posts that might be similar to what the topic is

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