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ive just completed my second wallet , it turned out pretty good with a very unexpected dying finish (Accidental) but the finish looks great , i first dyed all the inside pouches with med brown antique finish which turned out the expected antique brown. I USED A CLOTH TO APPLY THE DYE. Then i dyed the outside cover of the wallet with the same antique brown ..... BUT...... i used a brand new fresh NATURAL SPONGE which i took out of a packet. It was moist when i took it out, i'm guessing the dampen them before packaging to keep them fresh and soft. But the finish i got was completely different to the rest of the wallet. The only way i can describe it is an almost alligator grey/brown which looks really good !

On the outside cover i also incorporated a Brand which was on the leather i bought hince the name i put on the wallet "The Cowboy "

By the time i was finished waxing and finishing the edges this evening the daylight was gone and i have really yellow light in the house , not ideal for taking pictures . but i did any way and here they are ,

Tomorrow when i finish work ill take good pictures outside when its still bright and upload them .

By the way i was also wondering has any one else experienced the whole sponge changing the colour of the dye ? And if not its definatly worth a try !

Also i used olive oil instead of neatsfoot oil on the whole wallet so that could not have affected the colour .

Let me know what you all think !

Ps the photos really do not do the colour any justice



unnamed (11).jpg

unnamed (12).jpg





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ok so new photos , a little better than the last

real cowboy.jpg

real cowboy1.jpg

real cowboy3.jpg












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I really like your wallet design

and I love the way you positioned the Brand on the wallet.

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thanks guys and gal !

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