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  1. Simple question, is there much or a difference in quality ? what is the best leather and why ?
  2. very cool i actually thought about making one of those a while back but never got around to it
  3. what thickeness leather did you use on the sheath ? beautiful work !
  4. It looks nice ! but for some reason the pic comes up really small !
  5. It is very useful to see the stages , thats how i am constantly finding tips on new projects and if it answers a question for some one before they have to ask it , all the better ! I see you are from nova scotia Halitech .... beautiful place ! a couple of my friends rode there from toronto on their motorcycles 2 years ago
  6. Hey folks ! Its been a while since posted any new items , ive been busy with getting married and moving in to a new apartment, and a few other things. My dad has been on to me since last year to make him a wallet , kind of joking...... but i can take a hint ! I finally bit the bullet and made him one , Im going to send it to him for fathers day , (he is in Ireland) The wallet is made form 2-3 oz leather for the cover the same for the card slots but skived down to 1-2 Cash slot is lined with pig skin split. Might i add is an absolute bitch to sand in the edges when there is 2 layers of pig in the middle ! The veg tan is dyed with tandy eco flow dark brown antique, followed by a coat of neatsfoot oil, followed by about 3 light coats of satin shene. and a good bit of buffing between coats. then i put it all together, stitched it , and sanded the edges before beveling and then on to burnishing which i did using the yellow saddle soap and my hand burnisher wrapped in denim. ( i really like the saddle soap for burnishing ) then i dyed the edges with dark brown pro oil dye, and sealed them with 3 light coats of resoline. Over all i think it turned out pretty good. Feel free to leave me your opinions good or bad , as i am still learning and i love the feed back ! Have a great day people and God bless !
  7. nice work joe, i also see huge improvement from when i first saw your work , keep it up !
  8. heres my example , i am making a wallet which i am dying oiling and finishing with satin shene. Now my question is , do you finish the leather pieces completely before putting together sewing and burnishing the egdes , or do you satin shene the finished product when its all put together ?
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