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Hi everyone

So I really hope someone can help me with info on a pfaff 335-9B H2L. I was able to purchase the machine from someone selling it on gumtree for $290 which I think is a bargain. I cleaned and oiled the machine, had to make some timing adjustments, now it's working great!

I googled the model but was unable to find anything.

So if anyone can provide me with some info I would greatly appreciate it!

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B ist light to medium duty. Pfaff ranged the machines from A to D with A being the lighter duty ones and the Ds doing the heavy lifting. I have never seen a description of what they considered heavy or light, though.

H designates the pressurefootlift: H1 and H2 are 7 mm, H3 are 11 mm and H4 are 14 mm. Correspondingly H1 and H2 used needlesystem 134, H3 used 134-35 and H4 used needlesystem 190.

L ist for leather (as opposed to S as Stoff (fabric)). The Ls had a slightly stronger hook.

Or so it should be if nobody messed with the parts and the settings.

The 9 I can't explain. -6 would be the standard model.



Ralf C.


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Hi Kohlrausch

Thank you for the reponce! That does clear up a lot of uncertainty.

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