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I posted these pics on a different thread but thought I'd post this here to help anyone else trying to figure out how to attach a binder attachment to these machines.  I first started with a 1/4" thick plate then really proceeded to mark where the holes need to be drilled. The plus side to this machine on the cylinder arm is that it has those two holes where the guide roller goes.  The most difficult part was probably just tapping the holes with the proper sized threads and not breaking the tool off in the hole. 


This is a 1" binder attachment from Sailrite. 



binder (1).jpg

binder (2).jpg

binder (3).jpg

binder (4).jpg

binder (5).jpg

binder (6).jpg

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That looks great:rockon:

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I bought a binder with my Consew 206 RB-5 from who, I do not remember.

It came with what I am sure is intended for use on a Cylinder Arm.

I removed all but what you have left on your original. Mine curved to the left where the binding material enters, which made it impossible to use.

Remodeled it and made it straight. After trying it out I can see where it needs to be curved to the right.

I believe with a few "Plugs" made to the dimensions needed, the metal could be molded by hand and a hammer to any width you wish.

The pieces of mine look to be silver soldered together.

I tried it with Kangaroo as well as commercially made binding. Works great. Well maybe not Great but I could get by with it.

Other than a couple pics I don't have time to make one.

I have been writing a book about my Navy Days. It takes precedence right now since it is almost finished.




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