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Cowboy 4500, 818 Cutter, Edger, Paintbox,ect

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I am getting out of leatherworking and looking to sell my machinery and tools.  I am located in Vancouver, WA.

Cowboy 4500 Deluxe Leather swing arm Sewing machine Package $2300

Cowboy CB818 Leather Belt Cutter $1900

CB806 Manual Leather splitter skiver $250

Hand-Operated Bluegrass "EZ Edge" Strap Edger $400

Heritage® Dye Box II $500

Custom Edge Burnisher $400
This uses a high quality Copper electric motor, stand, switch and cocobolo burnishing attachment. You can also add a devise to the other side.

I am willing to sell everything as a package or part out. Please keep in mind these are all like new and if bought new, have considerable freight cost.

I also have a ton of other leatherworking tools, punches, knives , leather,ect if interested.  Going to part it out on here or Ebay most likely. 


Here is CL post with pictures: https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/bfs/d/vancouver-leather-working-machines-for/6808743091.html


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Bump and Yes

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Sewing Machine & Burnisher are sold. 

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I would be interested in the hand tools too.  Can you send a list and or pictures of what available?


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