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Please help.

I feel like I have been paying to get leather split and they come with a 2-3oz difference. 
Even if I do not request a split.  Say I order a small 4-5sq’ piece of 3/4oz and it comes to me, obviously split, from a 4/6 oz., written 3/6oz on the back. ?? 
It seems like I can never get the weight of leather I order and it’s costing me money. It happens so much at springfield that I had gotten tired of calling about it. Eventually I will make something out of the weight given. 
Is there a place where the weight is accurate? 
Many times I don’t even ask for a split, just order by the sq ft and it comes split and way off.
It can really make a big difference with wallets. 

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I have tried almost everyone and so far I think that the Chahin leather from American Leather Direct is the best option.  The thicknesses are accurate and the back  on all the leather, split or not, are pasted.  Yes there is some inconsistency but for me it's not been enough to make a difference.  If you ask for a split, as opposed to buying already split and pasted, you are going to be subject to the vagaries of whomever is doing the splitting and will probably get no pasting.  

I think the backside of leather work is important.  I don't want crappy looking stitches and I don't want fuzzy looking split leather that I have to paste myself.

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