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  1. Correct. I guess I figured if there was something around, google would show me.
  2. I am making a mini drawstring backpack and trying to figure out what the best type of lace for the drawstring is to use. It's easy if I lived by a leather shop, but I need to order online. I have used 1/4" Kodiak with good results, but I want to either dye it or buy it green and turquoise. Preferable buy because I have issues with green pigment getting deep into the leather. When I try to find some, deer skin lace pops up like crazy in the google search. I would think deer skin isn"t rigid enough to use as a drawstring, is it? Am I best off cutting it from 10-12 oz and dying it, hoping it doesn't bleed out?
  3. Love the setup. I work at a furniture place and get a ton of chrome tan scraps, but this seems real nice for my veg. sides. Looks to save a ton of room.
  4. Thanks. I was/am considering these cardboard tubes but was also worried about chemicals from them. Just moved and had not yet gone completely leather-working dependent so my leather isn’t moving as fast as it was when it’s all I did. decided to start different leather projects, rather than customs. Customs were starting to bore me so it’s a complete over-hual. Have you ever had any sorts of problems with the board tubes?
  5. I want to build some shelving for leather rolls. Is it ok to use treated wooden shelving, or will chemicals cause a reaction? Is wood or metal preferred?
  6. If I wanted to start making my own steel rule dies, can I use a ring bender? Anybody know the differences? I have not personally seen either one. Maybe one is wider than the other?
  7. Unless it was a rookie employee scared to break paperwork rules stating family. But yeah, has to be more to the story.
  8. I was told that Tandy's ECO-FLO is toxic to use with an airbrush. Something about the chemistry. Anybody know if Fenice can be used with an airbrush? Are they the same, only under a different label?
  9. the nano suction sheets from Tandy work awesome for this. Yes, they cost a bit, but worth it if you are always using the same template. Also, You can probably by sheets of nano grip from the manufacturers if needed. Tandy item# 3497-00
  10. Thanks, that’s what I meant. Going to have to try it. Hopefully it wont cut the thread at all, my wheel looks a bit sharp.
  11. Are you talking about using a wheel for machines?
  12. Although I wish I had some reviews about the cowboy, neither splitters (any) are recommended to split the whole length of the blade. for a 14" blade, you should skiff 12-13" piece.
  13. Veg tan is used on a lot of footwear. Even Nike shoes used to use is.
  14. Leather gets a sewing needle that cuts the leather and cloth or woven fabric gets a round needle so the material doesn’t fray or cut. What do you use when you are ming the two?Does glue help keep the fabric safe? Do you sandwich the fabric?
  15. You were able to make stamps using this? What material?
  16. I was hoping a manual clicker press would work for a 8x12 stamp, but now that I own one I'm having a hard time believing it. Is there a general rule of the ton press vs square inch of stamp to get one clean image? If I was to make a few production items with a large stamp (12"x12") what would I need to buy?
  17. So, about 3 years ago I used a diamond chisel on a wallet interior. Someone is very hard on there wallets and the ends ripped. question: is the slotted stronger than the T-pockets? If t-pockets, should I use a circular punch? Am I best off machine stitching?
  18. Please help. I feel like I have been paying to get leather split and they come with a 2-3oz difference. Even if I do not request a split. Say I order a small 4-5sq’ piece of 3/4oz and it comes to me, obviously split, from a 4/6 oz., written 3/6oz on the back. ?? It seems like I can never get the weight of leather I order and it’s costing me money. It happens so much at springfield that I had gotten tired of calling about it. Eventually I will make something out of the weight given. Is there a place where the weight is accurate? Many times I don’t even ask for a split, just order by the sq ft and it comes split and way off. It can really make a big difference with wallets.
  19. Thanks. I thought maybe it was a large flat table press but I think your right.
  20. How do companies make a large embossed print into chrome tanned leather? Is there a machine large enough to print half sides? I’m assuming it needs heat and a fan to suck away the caustic air.
  21. Yes, but as stated I have not seen a mention of the type of leather they have been used on. Does it make a difference? I don’t want someone paying a couple hundred for a purse and have it flake off.
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