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  1. Good idea. They seemed like an honest bunch the last time I talked to them.
  2. Does anybody know if there is metallic leather of good quality? The last experience the metallic seemed to have a type of rub off. Tandy is introducing some from Italy, but unsure of its quality.
  3. I had seen those acrylic plates before, just wasn’t certain on how well they worked. I guess nothing will beat tooling, but they seem to not be very detailed.
  4. Has anyone turned a rolling press for metal into a belt roller? It seems that they would give more pressure and are a lot cheaper than a press specifically for belts. There are a few patterns I want to continue to use and add some tooled designs too manually.
  5. And possible heat too right? I know you’r bot supposed to pyro chrome tanned, but wondering if some of these manufacturers are set up for it.
  6. High impact casting epoxy? That sounds like what I am looking for. I just want to be clear though, is this something you poor over the images you want, remove the images and it’s solidified enough for a good amount of pressure for a plate? Assuming a hand clicker press Would work, if not too big.
  7. Been looking for 3M .25 but can’t find it on their site.??
  8. Mostly for ribbon taping on wallets and rolled edges on bags. All will be stitched over, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want something super strong and as permanent at tape film will get.
  9. Does anybody know what the strongest double-sided tape is for leather? That Tandy stuff sucks and want it in bulk.
  10. Are you using leather needles with a chisel point or rounded ones? I use rounded on most things, as I mostly stitch wallets.
  11. So what do people do? You have to back stitch right?
  12. Does backstitching with a leather needle cut the thread?
  13. jrny4wrd


    The hardest time I am having is that I been using Herman Oaks Drum dyed brown that has a gloss to it. I been asking them to split it to 2-3oz but I usually end up with a few square feet of 4 oz, which is far too thick for wallet insides. I find little projects here and there to use the 4 oz but it’s not easy when the size of the piece is inconsistent. I am not a fan of the glazed pig skin, as it makes my wallets look cheap. What type of 2oz vegetable tanned leather are people using for the insides? It seems most are using kid skin or some other plastic like stuff.
  14. Does it stay on pretty well? Is it a top layer stain, or does it penetrate a bit more like a dye. I used to use eco flow what was concerned about the stain coming off on peoples clothes from sweat or moisture or something.
  15. jrny4wrd


    I need a small splitter that will work well for wallet backs. Needs to split at least 4”. I had seen bench top splitters, and wondering if they are worth the price. I would like to use the same leather for the back as the insides m, so need to split down to 2oz. Any advice on a decent one that works? Does any of Tandy’s work?
  16. Unless it’s with a hand powered machine, such as a Tippman.
  17. Perfect. I actually may end up in Winter WI.
  18. Alcohol based stuff wont really freeze, but the leather is more of the concern, right?
  19. I want to have a seperate shop outside my house. My question is is will leather be ok if it gets below freezing? Is there an ideal temperature I need to keep the shop at all times, or can I just warm it when I am in there? I will soon be moving to the northern parts of the states.
  20. What type of engraver do you have? Are you happy with it? Have you had any regrets buying it?
  21. Hand made is when you make the item from start to finish. Not purchasing pre-made items. I don’t think a sewing machine really matters as the words are “hand made” not “hand sewn”. Fact is is not everything really needs the strength of a hand sewn item. Many stitches are mearly for looks. If product does not go through a manufacturing belt and the item is made with great detail and attention; as well as actually touching and manipulating it with your own hands, I see it as hand-made. Saying this, I will both carve and tool as well as use the occasional stamp. If something is entirely stamped, I am sure to tell people. Custom, hand-made, personalized, they are all different. Some people make some shitty hand-made items. They are not artisans. Quality has nothing to do with how it’s made, just who’s making it.
  22. Thank you. We had rented the place for 1 year now. Normally it is very dry, but this year we have had lots of rain. It’s just a tad more damp but the plastic on the ground kept the moisture trapped. There is no mold or mildew issues anywhere else. I just bought some spray to kill the mildew and will be putting a dehumidifier down there. Fortunately, it is not the black stuff on wood, drywall, etc... only some in between the cement and plastic. Thank you. I hope I can do this without spreading too much of the spores.
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