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Awl Haft - Weaver Leathercraft (weaverleathersupply.com)

Saddler's Harness Awl 2-1/4", 1.5 mm - Weaver Leathercraft (weaverleathersupply.com)

10 hours ago, Davm said:

and will it make a hole through the holster pouch edge with the holster on a stitching clamp set up? 

That is what they were designed to do. I have stabbed through over 1/2" of leather.

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On 6/20/2021 at 10:41 AM, Davm said:

AND.....we have another thread on border stamps but just out of curiosity how do most of you do it?  I am using a caliper and making a very light mark with an awl, then wet/card the leather, and when I stamp -the stamp impression obliterates the awl mark.  Even doing that a close inspection might show a tiny amount of different from stamp mark to stamp mark. 

I used to layout the spacing for double border type stamps as you have described above. I stopped and just started "eyeballing" the spacing as it's tenuously quicker and actually works out better for going around curves. Start in the corners and go out in both directions and skip tot he end and work backwards for a while so you have space to put any odd spaces in the middle of a run where they are less noticeable. 

Also, plus 1 on stabbing your holes through the complete seam once it's all stitched up. It's just so much more simple to stab your holes through the whole thing than to try and fuss around getting holes that were pre stabbed/punched in different layers lined up. 

All the best, Josh

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