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  1. I have to make an arm pad for a welder and he wants the top of the roll with paisleys.... anyone have a pattern or something, I think my dad had an old tandy book with paisleys but yo no sabe! any help would be appreciated! BH
  2. Can anyone help?!? I have an older ostrich skin that is a tan color, its raw ostrich, I have tried to dye it with Veg. dye but it was that eco junk from tandy's. it is kinda purple now (test piece) so anyone have any info on whats the best dye and ways to get a good consistant stain? Thanks Bart
  3. hahaha... bruce you made me laugh! That is EXACTLY what happens!! But I am the one with the bags! I have learned that those bags are not user friendly, I have found that when I am doctoring and I have a $400 bottle of Drax, I wrap that sucker up in bubble wrap and and put it in a banana bag with my needles and pray...
  4. ya it's a hidecrafter tool, they are usually good tools, but they are made outta cheap metal, you cant weld, tig, brasin, gorilla glue, duck tape and wire NOTHING!! so? I am just going to start buying good stamps, but the thing is that I have some tandy stamps that I have had for 15 yrs and they are strong as an ox, just guess its a gamble!
  5. This is why I hate cheap stamps, started on some leggin yokes that need to be done asap, and half way through IT BREAKS! AAAAAHHHHHHHH man! go ahead and spend your money and get quality stuff!
  6. Hey JW, where did you get your rowels, I tried making some, they just are not what I wanted, I like those you got on in the pic. Nice looking leggins too.. .sorry "CHAPS" in my country there called leggins. Bart
  7. I will post some pics later today or tomorrow. This would be a great thing for you to build... until I get the pics up, go to www.montyreedycustomleather.com Monty is an AMAZING pounder, and he has some great 3 piece legal pads. *warning... he will make you want to do alot more work!
  8. Ed, Thanks alot, I would have never thought of "plough" out the center piece. So let me ask you this, do you think the 3 piece is better than the single cover for a legal pad. I dont make much of these... okay this is my first legal pad cover, but it is a friend so... you know how that goes! Thanks alot for the help! b
  9. Hey there, I could use some help with a legal pad, I cut out one sheet for the cover but when I lay out my interior piece it wrinkles up. should i make the cover 3 piece? How do I not get the wrinkles in my interior leather? This is so frustrating because this aint my first rodeo, but boy it sure sounds like it, I just wanted to ask before I burn another piece of leather... Thanks Bart and of course, the guy wants it by next friday... something to do with a gift or something, pssshh
  10. Tjena Herje!!! Kul att se en Svensk här för en gångs skull. Förutom mig har vi Tina som nyss flyttat tillbaka till Sverige från Michigan, Trelleborg nu och Oldtimer, Knut från Östersund. Släng gärna in ett topic i members forumet med en presentation OCH bilder är bästa flirten med folk här. God jul om vi inte hörs tidigare!!

  11. Randy, awesome! I just wanted to give you an idea I have been trying and it has been working out pretty good. I am sure you have seen this, but if not then hey you learned something! I had some leather where the fringe was really stiff and it just looked funny when the guy was in his saddle. So I took them and soaked the fringe and then about an hour later I came back and on my work table I twisted each fringe tight and then took a small tack and nailed it into the table. left it there for a day or so came back and took some oil and soaked it again the next day I just used a head knife and cut them all off, they were all twisted, but the good thing was that those stiff fringe became like a limp noodle, the guy gave me an extra $100... anyways like I said, if you knew this old trick already sorry, but ? just thought Id share, beautiful work though!
  12. TOM... from one swede to another... that is a great strap! even the detail on the letters.. good work! now make yourself a shirt!!! haha!~
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