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  1. Really nice work and innovative closure. Design is also nice :-)
  2. Someone said pure magic...I totally agree! Amazing eye for detail and great touch to realize it Tom
  3. Thank you very much :-) Mostly busy with tats and all around a business *sigh* lol ;-) Tom
  4. Hello all, strangers and old friends who was once used to see ma around! Computer takes too much time and trying to keep the jobs coming in so I am not very often in here. Endless hours of mail consultations about work and PR makes me wanna be off the puter as much as possible and try to also produce what I preach, lol ;-) I work mostly with tattoos theese days, living leather art ;-) Heres som stuff that came out this year Best regards Tom in Sweden
  5. Hey man, long time no post! Waiting to see some more of your great work! Hope you haven't gotten out of it! Cheers!

  6. Haha guess where I picked up the tip to use yoga mats ;-) Thanks mate, the mats are great :-) Was it also you that used wheelbarrels tiretubes for solo seats, just sewing it in flat and let the nipple poke out so that you can inflate it after stitching done? Gotta try that sometime!! Tom
  7. Thanks Odin!!! I used the same pattern as the original seat but I couldn't use the old cover so I made new patterns using a the sort of plastic that you put under floor tiling. It behaves alot more like leather than paper and is somewhat transparent so first I draw up the panels on the foam and then pin this foamsheet onto seat and trace the lines onto it and get the panels. It is rigid enough to lay onto leather and draw cutting lines then. Customer wanted the original foaming but I did put a layer of yogamat on top of the old foam to make it a bit more rigid. The side panels are thinner cow leather so had to be really careful because it wrinkles easy in the bends when you lace it. The owner was very pleased with it :-) Tom Thank you very much rumblestiltskin!!!! Tom
  8. Recent seat that I made specific to customers specs. The seatpan is the original HD Crossbones plastic pan. it was a bit nervous making it because I was afraid to bend it out of shape when I streched the leather around the edges. because of that i did the final pop riveting and streching at customers garage. Got a perfect fit. I'm not overly pleased with the beveling as I didn't get it all that even that I'd like, more practice on walking the beveler :-) Over winter we will fix up his bag to match the seat. Tom
  9. Very good looking work Edvin!!! Håller med Tina, utmärkt forum att trivas på och en otrolig mängd kunskap samlad och delad. Ingar frågor är dumma frågor så bara ösa på!!! Tom
  10. Looking really good, nice lacing! I hope the whisky was good too ;-) Cheers!! Tom
  11. Thank you Odin!! That is nice to hear, I do have the ability to do courses in my business license and have an eye onto it but at the moment focus is just on getting the leather out and grow more with the tattooing. Tom
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