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  1. im interested in the 2 gail hought books. are they still available?
  2. not the for the look. the core is for strength, and to lessen the stretch on the leather.
  3. roo4u

    Deer Antlers

    well the lanyard part on that website is a simple 4 strand round braid. you can google it and find instructions. the braid on the horn part is more complicated. it is along button knot, most likely a turkshead. i recommend getting one of bruce grants books for instruction but also there are you tube videos.
  4. i just join the two 4 strand braids into an 8strand braid. then make a terminal knot as described by bruce grant in his books.
  5. first thing i ever did with leather was replace the lining on my old saddle. long before internet, had a book called how to make cowboy horse gear.
  6. do you have any of bruce grants books...i believe does show hobbles in a couple of the books.
  7. roo4u

    Kangaroo lace

    yes y knot still going i have gotten a bit of lace from springfield leather it decent but does need to be split to even it out.
  8. sadly this country has gone away from children learning crafts from their parents. we are an instant gratification society now. few are willing to spend the time it takes to learn to do something when they can have it in 5 mins drive to store. it is not the same quality of course but they dont care. im a braider and its only been recently that there is an interest in teaching the craft to make sure it doesnt die. whereas in other countries like argentina children learn to braid as early as possible.
  9. i usually go 1.5 times the desired length. so say 30 inches 6 strand...i need 6 strings 45 inches long plus a little bit for finishing. now if your doubling your strings back like he shows for an aussie style belt it would be 3 strands each 90 inches long. hope that makes sense.
  10. roo4u

    Sliding knot

    that looks pretty good. it will be a bit harder to hide ends on that round lace than on a flat lace but its good practice. soon you will be addicted to braiding lol
  11. roo4u

    Sliding knot

    ok so once your string comes out from under as shown in fig 3 you take it around down and come up between the 2 strands. then your gonna take it around the back to the left over that far left strand and then it comes up from under and will end up right along the right side of the starting point. this is fig 4. that is the end of the single knot fig 5 shows that to double the knot you simply follow your strand around it should follow the same overs and unders. hope that helps a bit
  12. roo4u

    What knot ?

    well i usually use a ring knot for a small slide or if a bit bigger a ring with a pineapple knot over top well i usually use a ring knot for a small slide or if a bit bigger a ring with a pineapple knot over top
  13. roo4u

    What knot ?

    well ive seen them made several ways. if it was me i would make my drop with a loop and a sliding knot to tighten loop against call. not sure i would start with latigo lace. i find it quite bulky for that kind of braiding. you can start with paracord as you can do all types of braids and knots with it. not suggesting a copy of the designs but just to get ideas about lanyard construction i suggest knotsmith.com
  14. i would try to find a butcher shop that does butchering for individuals. that be your best bet because mostly they will sell it to you for whatever the by-product companys will pay.
  15. oh dang that is sweet...i can see im going to have to try that for my 30-30 lever gun. wonder how it would work for a .22mag and .357 lever guns...hmmmm
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