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  1. Selling an almost-new TandyPro Strap Edge Beveler. Used once. comes complete with the box. $200
  2. If you buy a generic one of these machines, this video may be helpful. It absolutely works . . . but there is a learning curve. https://youtu.be/pG8j8ql2oIw
  3. Alternatively, you could just drop $200 for a cheap MSLA 3D printer off Amazon . . .
  4. I do all my designs in Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape is a good freeware alternative. Then import those into Lightburn.
  5. I have not tried cutting metal with either of these lasers. Just leather and wood. Yeah, at the moment the 22W is a lot more expensive and I wouldn't be able to justify the price with my current production volume. Personally I would go with the 10W version and simply adjust the gcode settings to accommodate.
  6. Just adding to the leather & laser knowledge-base by dropping a link here to a video showing me cutting leather on the new Creality 22W laser and directly comparing it's performance with the original 10W version. Very impressed with both these machines. The new 22W blows through 9oz veg-tan.
  7. I normally run #207 thread in my Class 26. I've even accidentally run #277 on the top (grabbed the wrong spool.) It ran fine.
  8. Yep, you found them! Some of the items (like the shaped die cutters) are best used on an arbor press (or similar). You may see me on the videos pounding on them with a maul, but that's usually just because I only needed one or two cuts and didn't want to set up the camera for it. The leathercraft stuff on Amazon really runs the gamut of junk to very good. Just read the reviews carefully. But at the price it's a good place to try a particular tool before spending real $$$ on the expensive version. For instance, before dropping $180 on a single Sinabroks stitching punch, I decided to try the $40 "WUTA" brand stitching punches (a set of 3) first just to see if I like this style of stitching. They work great and l never bought the Sinabroks verison.
  9. I believe Babylon sells both craftboard and clear acrylic templates for this satchel. I get them from Amazon. Just look up "leather corner cutters" or similar. There's several styles of them and they're pretty cheap.
  10. I actually made a video of this for my Youtube channel. I didn't use a pattern at the time of filming. However, you can get one from Babylon Leather (link in the video description . . . note I don't receive any commission for this.)
  11. Back when I started using it you couldn't find it anywhere else. Found an international seller on eBay who sold gallons of it relatively cheap. But good to know I can score it more locally now! When I run out of my current supply I'll defiantly go there.
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