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  1. I know there's a "show off" forum, but seems members were posting gun leather in here. So here's one of mine. A full rig designed for black powder guns: holster, belt, bullet/cap and powder flask pouch.
  2. Chakotay

    How do i get part stamps sharp at edges

    No need to grind your stamps in half. Just position the leather on your quartz slab (or whatever you're using as a backing) so that the stamp will fall partly on the slab, and partly off. Obviously, it may be a little tricky depending on what your design exactly is. That's how I get half-impressions on larger border stamps when I run out of space:
  3. Chakotay

    Problem with 3D print

    I'll second what everyone else has been said. Print 100% infill, lightly wet sand with fine grit face-down on your quartz slab (or whatever you're using for stamping) to flatten out any imperfections. The potential for 3d printing in leatherwork is exciting. I've been playing with scanning my patterns and tracing them in Adobe Illustrator. Then adding my own templates to it (think custom versions of Tandy Craftaids). No rule against combining the two artforms. Below is a pict of a 3D-printed brand sewn into a circular leather frame I made for a customer's luggage.
  4. Chakotay

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Stay calm!! Slowly back away from the knife... Silly, but manufacturers have to do this because their products may end up in California, which has a huge, ever-changing list, of chemicals they're protecting us from. fyi: Brass: contains lead. Stainless Steel: Chromium. Both known carcinogens. So just don't consume your knife and you'll be fine. ---j