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  1. Greetings! We are a small shop that specializes in LARP & Reenactment accessories, and custom guild/group designs. For the past several years, we have been traveling to local festivals, games, and art shows, and also selling some leather goods online. We've been very busy lately trying out a lot of new things, so we are excited to have the chance to put up a gallery here! Thanks for stopping by ~*
  2. Might anyone know where to look for a nice grade, veg-tan water buffalo calf hide? Just wanted to also say a big thank you to everyone on this site for the knowledge input, and for being so incredibly helpful . The forums are truly an awesome leatherworking resource!
  3. Hello everyone! Quick question along the lines of this topic- I am loving using Feibings oil dye; made a dark brown veg-tan bracelet and sealed with "Tan Kote", just out of habit. The bracelet got rained on, and to my dismay this made some very strange, warped, darker spots in the leather. The TanKote didnt seem to be a protective finish at all?! Should I stick with using an acrylic based finish over the oil dyes? Thanks in advance for any opinions & help :D
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