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  1. Bolt Vanderhuge

    Wrinkles on pouch flap

    Instead of water use Neatsfoot oil to wet form it. You will want a generous amount of NF on the flap enough that is will remain soft in the bend area. After the NF has soaked thru all the fibers you can start forming it to the bend you want. When straight there will still be a little bit of leather that bunches up but it does not look as bad nor does it creat any long term cracks that tend to form over time when water is used to wet form it.
  2. Bolt Vanderhuge

    Cow and Bison backpack

    That is some great work.
  3. Bolt Vanderhuge

    My Flagship Holster

    That looks very nice. How was it working with stingray?
  4. Bolt Vanderhuge

    colt officer dummies

    Like I said earlier just sand it down the tiny amount. This is a very fixable issue.
  5. Bolt Vanderhuge

    colt officer dummies

    Ok I measured a few more. Mold gun is 1.544" (39.22mm). Para officer 1.543". 4" Springfield 1.534". 5" Colt 1.530". Colt Defender 1.520". Ruger commander 1.530. 5" STI 1.510. Dan Wesson CCO (the earlier gun) 1.524". A second DW CCO 1.525. DW Guardian 1.531". DW vbob 1.522". 5" Sig 1.515". Sig commander 1.515". Rock Island commander 1.507". My other 2 officers have tri-topped slides from the factory so they have different slide top dimensions. But even so, they do not wiggle in my holsters. The transition lines from the slide top to the sides is still in the same place so it still has a contoured feature on the top and bottom of the gun that matches close enough to that of the mold gun. But then again my mold gun is the same size as the gun at the top of the size range from the 13 I measured. Yours measures 1.563" so it is a slightly larger difference. It is 0.056" taller than my shortest one and 0.20" taller than my talest one.
  6. Bolt Vanderhuge

    colt officer dummies

    I just measured mine at the front of the dust cover and mine vs the same 1911 as earlier. The mold is 0.02" bigger. Not sure if you are aware of this but 1911s vary by similar tiny amounts due to the multitude of different manufacturers. 0.060" is only 1/16". Take some sandpaper to the underside of the dust cover and sand it down to meet you needs. It shouldn't take much time at all.
  7. Bolt Vanderhuge

    colt officer dummies

    So it is a penny too tall, is what you are saying? Build a test holster and try a real 1911 in it. See if you are ok with the fit or not. Maybe the one you got has issues.
  8. Bolt Vanderhuge

    colt officer dummies

    I have no problem with my RIA Cooks mold gun. Like I said earlier, it works perfectly for my officer sized 1911s. Take some calipers and measure it. What is the slide width and any other dimensions that you think might be off? I just measured the slide width of mine and it was 23.40mm. I then measured one of my 1911s and it was 23.40 as well. That is and exact match for my mold gun vs real ones.
  9. Bolt Vanderhuge

    colt officer dummies

    Yes it is the RIA. It is the correct size for a 3.5" officer 1911.
  10. Bolt Vanderhuge

    colt officer dummies

    I have the Cooks non prepped officer mold. It works perfect for all three of my officer model 1911s. None are Colts but my 3" Colt Defender fits in them well other than being 1/2" short in the slide area. I like that Cooks have the safety in the engaged position if there is one for a particular gun. In case anyone does not already know.....Colt does not currently offer an actual officer sized gun. It is not very common to even see an actual Colt officer either.
  11. Bolt Vanderhuge

    Orders to ship

    These look great. I really like show brown, keep up the great work.
  12. Bolt Vanderhuge

    What’s your opinion of the edge?

    I see more fibers than I would want to see. If it were mine I would sand the edges with some 400 grit then burnish then sand with 600 grit and burnish again. The sanding should be quick. For a wallet it should take about 1 or 2 minutes to go around the whole thing.
  13. Your example of 30cm (12") even at 17 cents per inch would only be $2.04 us. That would not be much at all here in the states. If that is a lot where your at then it could be worth it to you, It would not be worth it to me that is for sure. I would be more inclined to mirror chrisash's suggestion above.