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    near Edinburgh, Scotland
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    Full-time leatherworker since 2004 (self-employed)
    Have a B.A. Honours degree in Military History
    Active shooter for 33 years
    ...use all above skills to specialise in military reproductions, shooting accessories, bespoke service, repairs, etc.

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    WW1 & WW2 military sniper accessories
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    US Army saddlers/military saddlers
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  1. Decided to part with my BUSM Co. #6 machine

  2. MAY be able to help you out, just depends on time frames and quantity of belts per order, etc. Let me know more details & we can meet up so I can show you samples and discuss ideas Jon
  3. Hi Looking to buy a manually operated clicker press (not got 3 phase electric or space for a bigger one) Been considering the Lucris MA series press, or the small Tippman Air press (not quite manual, but of a similar size) I'd also be happy with an old manual press, BUSM Co or similar Please let me know what you have. Used condition is ok as long as fully working.
  4. Sorry, forgot to bookmark this page & just noticed your reply!! weighs about 1 1/2lb unwrapped Asking £75 plus shipping
  5. Interesting I live just outside Edinburgh in Haddington...not too bad a place (only been here a year or so...) Lived in the Scottish Borders for a few years & had a workshop in Coldstream for a couple of years or so. Off to visit a mate tomorrow in Pencaitland so will drive past the Glenkinchie distillery to his house
  6. Nice find Will see about scanning the catalogue in a better resolution & will try to find time to scan the No.6 manuals too IF the planets were better aligned I'd be typing this from the Ch-Ch area so we'd almost be neighbours!!
  7. What sheath are you after a design for?

  8. I get a lot of leather from Le Prevo in Newcastle in the North-East of England I have been a customer for over 25 years & they are a very helpful & friendly group of people I get some other supplies & certain saddlery hides from Abbey Saddlery - Knutsford Hope this helps if you are still looking Jon As an aside, I keep trying to order from Kappey.de, but never have had them send me what I e-mail them about yet! (just a couple of tools & some questions about thier hand-awls as they do some very interestingly shaped handles that look as if they'd be very comfortable to use)
  9. Quite useful here in Scotland too - thin brush, cut firewood, etc. Sheath holds a British Army Golock-Machete & the sheath design is inspired by WW2 Dutch machete scabbards Hope you like it
  10. I agree totally - but sadly it's a false economy IF you decide to use punches, you WILL need one of each size The Stohlman brand seem good BUT - there IS a way to make the same shape on the belt end by hand - difficult to describe in text PM me if you want to know more & I'll try to do some pics or diagrams to explain Jon
  11. Not really possible The style of holsters has come on quite a lot since the WW1 leather generic-fit Sam Browne revolver holster & the other early 20th Century types Most holsters now are wet fit to the actual gun (or the above mantioned Blue Gun - itself an identically sized copy of the parent gun - but made from as a one piece injection so it is 100% safe & NOT a gun) I'm building up my stock of Blue Guns - but not got that model - sorry I cannot assist further! Jon
  12. Hi Barra What years were you in from/until? There are still a few saddlers in the British Army - but just for the ceremonial units - though they are kept quite busy doing this !! I see the 1st image has them using the old type clam - not a piece of kit I am anywhere near a fan of... Jon
  13. Hi Yes - I make them for most sniper rifles. The Swede m/41B is unique in that I make 3 leather accessories for it - as per my previous post. I normally just make slings & lense-caps for most rifles, but the m/41B also uses the leather cheekrest Jon
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