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  1. i would get some ferric chloride for putting a patina on your blade. Cut is 3 to 1 with distilled water and you will get a consistent finish after it is etched for a few minutes.
  2. Please send catalog to mimiller1@cotc.net


    thank you

  3. mike miller

    COBRA Class 4-P Premium machine

    Please call me at 918-290-0372. I am interested and want to know your location.
  4. mike miller

    Quitting Smoking

    I quit 32 years ago. I had a stressful job and smoked 2 packs a day. Woke up one morning and went to work, having trouble climbing stairs. Went to the ER and they told me I had a collapsed lung and got to spend 4 days in the hospital with a tube between my ribs on a vacuum bottle. Told me it was spontanius and just happened. Smoked my last one on the way out to the hospital that morning.
  5. mike miller

    What Do You Put Under Your Leather When Cutting?

    I use a poundo board also. Have a saddlemaker friend that put a one by 12 of pine as his first board on his bench. When that gets frazed he unscrews it and turns it over to use the other side. Soft pine works well.
  6. mike miller

    Damascus Knives

    I bought a blank from a friend and am going to grind my own. it is made out of D2 and will hold a edge. The other replies are correct if the damascus is that cheap, it is for a reason. It can only be decoration , not for use continually. A lot of the Pakistan damascus looks nice but the steel makeup is not the same as the steel most people use for edge holding.
  7. mike miller


    One thing you can do is to see if there are any granite counter top installers in the area. find the cutouts for the basins to use as pound boards . Most are 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 thick which works great. Maybe I missed it but Barry king tools are stainless where most of the others are high carbon. For what that is worth.
  8. mike miller

    Just joined

    I have done a few inlays. One in frogskin and one in elephant ear. For me they have to be a certain style to work. More like the sheath on the left. Custom stamps are the only way to go. I have fought those from Tandy for years. I now realize half the color on the sheath is where the stamp makes its impression. Those that are cast do not leave a good impression.
  9. Really like the knife and hatchet. Is it a carry pack or looped on the back?? NICE WORK
  10. mike miller

    Just joined

    dirtclod the stamp on the ivory knife is a take off the old Association stamp. Wayne Jeutzke custom made the stamp. I had found an old one made for saddle (3/4 inch) and a friend had a couple ordered from him which I ended up with. They sure have become my favorite stamp to use. I almost feel let down anymmore when someone wants a plain sheath. I have so much fun trying to see what I can do. Mike
  11. Found this place from over on a knife forum. Looks like a lot of talent. I am always interested in crafts no matter what the medium. I just like to look and see what other people do. Tried to do a little better than what I have seen around in the way of knife sheaths. Have struck it rich when I met Larry Parsons from Mustang, OK. and he has shown me many new things and made me think about what needs to be done. Thanks for looking