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    Old West Gunleather, Collecting Old West Memorabilia, History of the West, Re-enacting the wild west, Gunspining, Oil painting, and after all that when there is time left over my family.

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  1. Hope you had a good day, Don! Enjoy!

  2. Happy Birthday Don, hope it's a GREAT day for you, like it is for me...

  3. Please dont ask for patterns as i dont do them anymore, thanks Don
  4. Luke its a mix of 2-1 fibings saddle tan and medium brown oil dye and oil after its dryed, them rubed down with a leather conditioner, Don
  5. I have worn rigs built from my father, thats how i got started in to leatherwork, and i have a couple from other makers and one i have was the first one i traded from a guy called Rowdy about 28 years a go which is a clasic on its own and saddly the guy has passed away now so it has sentimental atatchment too, Don
  6. Hi Becca welcome to the forum, yes we do love pics so do post more of your work, Don
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum, glad you found us, i go to france around 2-3 times a year, i was there a couple of weaks a go near Mets, Don
  8. Hope you have a freaking Birthday, Don
  9. Here is a rig that i finished up for a customer, its for an 1851 colt navy, Don
  10. Here are some pics to show you the cut i used to fold over the front of the seat, Don
  11. Hi TJ welcome to the site, Don
  12. Hi Heather welcome to the site, Don
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