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  1. Almost done Ok this is all of them so far. I figured I would get them all out at once.. I wont have to do this for another few yrs now. lol.
  2. These are alot of the items i have made in the past. It is to hard for me to post pics and thats why i have not in the past. Since i had a lot of free time today at work I thought i would work on resizing some and show off. As you can see I do not do just Holsters any more. I dabble in a little of everything. My current venture is canvas/leather bags. That is a different monster for me so ill take the challenge. I am out in the oil field now just setting in a office staring at a monitor so why not use that time to come up with ideas an actually make stuff. I cannot bring my whole shop out here but i do have the most important tools. A few of the pictured items have been made out here in the field. Well enough talking and on the the pictures. Enjoy
  3. can you notch that section out and make it look nice ? just cut around where the mag release and put a nice curve to blend in the notch and that should be fine. just a thought.
  4. bitone40

    Gift Boxes

    Thank you guys. I will look into both of them.
  5. bitone40

    Gift Boxes

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to know if anyone knows where I can buy some black cardboard boxes with lids like the one in this thread http://leatherworker...showtopic=42694 , i have looked all over Google and only can find big suppliers overseas with a usual minimun of around 500. I would like to start sending my wallets in these boxes if i can find them. Thank you for the help!! Benjamin
  6. Awsome video, thanks for the post. Not to deviate from the OP but can anyone tell me where i i can get that 10 prong punch he uses to make the stitching holes. I have scoured the net an come up with nothing every time, and im so frustrated at the search i dont want to use it any more. If there is any help out there i would be very greatfull. Thank you.
  7. Try Duncans aluminum guns. I bought one from them a while back. Hope this helps Benjamin
  8. bitone40

    Dummy Guns

    Hello Monica, if the LCP is still available, I will send payment via Paypal . can you pm me your paypal email so I send it to the right person , thanks again Benjamin
  9. Looks great.. I saw your customer raving about it on the 1911 forum and that is surely is something to be proud and happy about .. that is lovely holster
  10. cool, how did you make it ? Is there a process I can read or something
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