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  1. All, Here is the latest armgaurd that I have made for myself. I backed it with some buckskin and laced it together. I am pleased with how it turned out and can't wait to show it off to others that I shoot with. Feel free to let me know what you think or how I can get better. Thanks for looking. Kurt
  2. Hi all. I have been doing leatherwork now for about 2 years and have come a long way. This is my first try at a legal pad. I wanted to try one after looking at many on this website. My goal is for my work to look as professional as LeatherRookie's and HidePounder's. Please give me any comments good or bad, it will only make me better. Thanks for your time.
  3. Thank you for the response sir. I will try it. Once again, great work.
  4. All of your work is amazing and top notch! Just one question, Is your natural looking color to all of your work with plain neatsfoot oil or neutral antique paste? I am new to leather working and do not know anybody who does it, I have been trying to get that natural look to my tooled work but just can't get the details to stand out. Any answer would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the compliment on the seat. To get a more subtle, even color I stayed away from dyes and stains. Instead, I used neatsfoot oil. Apply in light coats and let dry between. If the leather is really dry consider wetting lightly with water before applying oil.

    I hope this helps!

  6. That looks very awesome!! I am new to leatherworking and wanted to know how you got that nice looking light brown but still had the detail stand out. I know the antique technique makes the detail stand out but I am having some difficulties with some streaking and uneven color. I thought you might be able to answer this since your seat looks amazing and has an even color look to it.
  7. armysoup

    Pool Cue Case

    This is my first pool cue case.
  8. Those are cool. Good work. Just a quick question for you. What kind of lace did you use for your projects?
  9. That is very awesome!! Very cool!! If you don't mind what type of dye did you use on that? I really like it.
  10. I must not be really letting it dry enough. Does arcylic resolene do as good of a job as tan kote? I called fiebings and they said edge kote is waterproof. I will give it a try and ask if I have anymore problems in the future. Thanks for the responses guys, I am starting hobby leatherworking and love doing it so getting advise from you all is very much appreciated.
  11. I am new to leather working and am starting to use fiebings edge kote. I have burnished the edges and then applied the edge kote then let it dry. In order to know that it is waterproof I went to the sink and wet my finger and the edge kote is coming off!! How do you guys make sure the edge kote will not bleed off. Shouldn't it be water repellent? Help me please I am getting frustrated!!
  12. I just started leather working this year and have made some pretty cool stuff but I am getting frustrated with the dye rubbing off onto my clothes when I sweat. I have been using the eco flo products and have been wiping off the excess dye. Then I rub with sheep wool. Then I apply super sheen. But still it comes off in areas after I wear this stuff when I sweat. I also have the fiebings professional oil dye and resolene but have not tried it yet on projects. I was just wondering if it is the eco flo or something I am not doing right. What is the point of making good leather work when it just comes off on you when you actually wear it. Help me!
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