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  1. surface plate is 24 x 36 x4 inches, got it from Acklands through my son, he does a ton of business with them
  2. thanks will pick up a copy next time I'm in town.
  3. Many years ago I remember my dad using hog bristles to sew leather, Also where would one find them, I know this is really old school but I would like to try sewing like this just to see how it works. I know dad had no problems,
  4. In answer to your questions, 1 Most shoe findings suppliers sell wholesale but if you search for boot repair you may find a boot repair shop that will sell them to you. You could also build a stacked leather heel base. That is what most high end cowboy boots have. 2 It is hard to change heel height with out messing up the balance of the boot a half inch is a lot. 3 You can buy a product at most shoe store called leather stretch, it is a liquid that you spray on or rub on, put on the boots and apply then wear them till they dry. could take a few applications, or you will need a boot stretcher, depending on boot you can go half a size to a full size in width. If you don't have the tools or equipment you might be better to send them to someone to have work done. If you search boot repair there are many places that can do the work. hope this helps
  5. yes has a shop in town for about 18 years doing boot and shoe repairs as well as saddle repairs. But now getting back into it. but it was time for some new benches and tables.
  6. Just finished some workshop renovations, thought I would share before you can't see it for stuff all over. So this is what happened I got a new surface plate for tooling so new bench for that, which led to new bench for punching and general stuff, which led to new cutting table and light box, which meant rearrangement of sewing machines and stuff. The wife says that she can't remember it ever being clean with nothing on the benches. I have to agree I seems weird looking, but that will change soon.
  7. This is my first post though I've been reading and learning for awhile now. I know my finishing needs work but pleas let me know what I might do better with my tooling and with my finishing.
  8. angelren these machines are wonderful, when they work but when they don't so frustrating. A few things they do thread left to right as stated also when pulling the bobbin thread bobbin should turn counter clockwise. I know that might sound silly but they don't sew otherwise. Timing is also important so with the cover open watch the needle as it starts to move up, the shuttle point should be at the edge of the needle. timing is adjusted under on the shaft that runs the to gear slides on the shuttle carrier. hope this helps.
  9. look like the one i have for my landis sole sitcher model l, but also is similar to the one for my champion hook and awl machine.
  10. if your screw on cap gets harder each time you pour glue out, after you wipe off the extra just put a small layer of vaseline on the threads of the can, you can open the can easily after have used this for years.
  11. leevalley

    Die Steel

    thanks will give it a try
  12. leevalley

    Die Steel

    Hi all, Looking for a supplier of pre- sharpened die steel thanks for the help.
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