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  1. These Have Sold, thanks Allen
  2. I have a customer who wants me to find this style of buckle in 1", I am not sure what to call it looks like dress buckle but has a post like a trophy buckle. Anyone know what it is called and where I might find one. Thanks
  3. I have sold quite a few of them and not had any negative feed back. I have a round post section with cloth over it and I usually rub the snot out of the back my belts anyway.
  4. I am trying to reduce inventory in my shop and need to move some inventory, I have brand new Garland Mallets. Rawhide size 4 11oz. $20.00 each 5 available. Rawhide size 3 9oz. $17.00 each 3 available. Polly size 4 14oz. $11.00 each 7 available Polly size 3 9oz. $10 each 2 available. Shipping will be whatever it cost me.
  5. I have 59 vintage Craftaids for sale. I am looking for $200 for all, will sell in groups and singles also. Singles for $5.00, 5 or more $4.50,10 or more $4.00 each. Shipping will be what ever I have to pay to ship them. Most are in good condition with sleeve and paper A few are missing the paper and or sleeve. I will be holding off for a week or 2 on selling singles after that I will start selling according to order of messaging. Once I start selling single I will change the post to reflect. Here is the list. Belts 2721,3611,2787,6550,6538,2671,2431,2101,2181,2681,3201,3601,6540,6539,2631,2051,,2111 Wallets 4020,4060,2760,2960,6568,3220,2900,6572,4040,6556,6559,6555,4160,2360,3960,4030,6554,6533,3980,6542,6558,3910,2680,2190 Alphabet/numbers 2707,3207,2700,2283,2660,2690,2660,2550,3840,2808 Larger ones 6561,2322,6531,6523,6524,2985,3121,6571
  6. I have a leather shop in Biddeford Maine. We sell all the tools and leather as well as handmade items. www.desertmoonleather.com Have way more stuff in store than what is on web site.
  7. I have a customer who wants to have some saddlebags made this winter,. He want carving so I will be using veg-tanned at least for the flap. They will be bolted onto the bike. I am trying to find out what the semi hard plastic inserts are made of and where to get them in sheets that I I can cut myself. I am looking for the stuff that is a little softer that I can sew through with my cobra, not the stuff that is really hard like kidex. If anyone has name and supplier tat would be great, Thanks Mike
  8. Some sent me an email this morning and I had a computer problem and it was lost. If you see this please email me again, Thanks
  9. It may be different where you are but here in Maine there are not many leatherworkers so I do well at shows. I tend to sell simple cell phone cases, journals, a few belts, soft zippered pouches and my best seller anytime of year is sleigh bell straps.
  10. Selling Garland poly and rawhide mallets. #3 Poly Mallets 9oz. $12.50 Each 10 available. #4 Poly Pallets 14oz. $13.50 Each 10 available. #3 Rawhide Mallet 9oz. $30.50 Each 4 available. #4 Rawhide Mallet 11oz. $35.00 Each 4 available. Shipping will be actual shipping cost. These are all new unused mallets. I can get these pretty regular as my shop is few miles from their plant in Saco ME. respond here or email me mike@desertmoonleather.com If someone would want them all would do $500 including shipping in US. Can take paypal or Credit Card for payment.
  11. I decided I m going to take a pass on the job, pretty backed up right now anyway and guy seems like he might be a pain to deal with. Thanks for all the advice.
  12. OK I will look into that, unfortunately he is in another state so I won't be able to even see the actual pistol. Thanks
  13. I have a customer who is looking for a molded holster, say he will be very particular about it fitting perfectly. Is there a blue gun out there that will fit the D-frame well. I have a GP100 blue gun but do not know enough about revolvers to know if it will work. Thanks
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