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  1. Hi. I was just thinking lately about how interests can change with time and, as a empty nester, how has that changed my interests in life. I'm 62 and wanting to devote much more time now to my leather work. Am I getting into this wonderful craft too late? No interest in a brick and mortar shop but, if all goes well, etsy? leather work is an amazing craft. Anyone out there getting started later in life? Thanks all. Any responses appreciated. Best to you and be safe.
  2. Good Morning. My hardwood contact cement is about out. I will need to purchase more and have considered the water based types of glues. What experience have you had with them and how well do they work. Thank you for any responses.
  3. Thanks for your responses. I think that info answers what I needed. Have a nice Christmas holiday.
  4. Good Morning folks. I am contemplating adding conchos on a belt I am going to make but I need some advise to be sure I do this right. My questions are these. First, how do you locate that first concho and space the rest and Second, do you tool the belt first and place the conchos, or add the conchos first and tool up to and/or around them? Thanks very much in advance for any responses.
  5. Oops - I meant woodworkers! All thumbs.
  6. Hi. Just curious how many leathercrafters are also woodpeckers?
  7. Thanks very much to all who offered comments. All good advise and thoughts for sure. This is why this is such an awesome forum. I will take the motivation received from the insight here and march ahead. Thanks again.
  8. I was reading a post not too far back under the Marketing and Advertising thread about starting your business. One of the comments made was "Talent and what you do with what you have is where it's at" caused me to ponder this statement a bit and the reason for this post. I have often wondered if "talent" is a case where either you have it or you don't at least in the world of leather crafting. Is a drive and passion to learn the craft enough to make up for any lack of talent is or talent something that is fine tuned as you use any skills you may have? It seems some folks have a natural ability to do certain things but can talent be a learned attribute or is it just merely developing your skills without a "natural talent"? Is talent something that comes from developing your skills? I have always felt that if you want to learn something and have drive to do it, you can make up for any lack of talent this way. Am I wrong? Thanks.
  9. I recently did a belt. I used antique as the dye and treated and edge coated the finished belt. I am being told at my local tandy shop to apply a top finish on both sides of the belt to get oils back into the belt and help protect it. Of course they recommend tandy products. So,my questions are: do I need to do this and if so, what other products could someone recommend besides tandy products. I have seen some talk about rtc but what others can be used? Thanks
  10. What other products will work as a top finish other that this cream?
  11. Thanks Joe. Do you treat both sides of the leather of just the flesh side? How many coats do you apply? Thanks for responding to my questions. I ma farily new to this and want to do it right the first ime if I can.
  12. Good Morning All, I recently finished tooling and finishing a belt. It has an antique finish. I buffed the daylights out of it and there is no residual finish coming off now. My question: Do I need to apply neatfoot oil or similar to help restoe the belts flexibility and softness. Its a 1 1/2 inch blank that I used. The edges are finished with water and then canvas to finish off the edges. What products would you recommend to finish off hte belt? Thanks very much for your help.
  13. Just to add an idea, I have found that a trip around the bevel with a modeling spoon smooth's it out very nicely. Just a thought.
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