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  1. Does the Edge Coat help with stabilization of the lining/leather edges over time. A couple of heavy coats seems to soak down into the grain and seal stuff up. As opposed to using just the dye to match the leather.
  2. I've not had great success getting a glue to keep pigskin stuck to the flesh side of veg tan. Glues down nice, but edges tend to lift up during the punching and stitching process. Is there a good glue I should look at? Any hope for not having to stitch the edges or is this a given?
  3. I've been using .8 mm Tiger Thread. I've not found a USA supplier who has a reliable inventory. Second question is...any decent substitutes for Tiger thread? Looking to stay with poly .8 mm.
  4. Nigel, If you don't mind me asking, does the top leather tool strap help secure the pony?
  5. I've had some comments as to stitching problems with the 3200. Is the 3500 a better machine and more reliable? Wondering if I should step up a bit and get the 3500 and avoid potential frustration. But don't want to spend the additional money if not necessary.
  6. I have narrowed my sewing machine selection down to a Cowboy 3200. Can you guys tell me what a reasonable range of leather it will sew. Sounds like belts and holsters are a snap. What about the lower end of reasonable use? Like sewing 4oz Chrome wallets and the like?
  7. Business plan depends on size you intend getting. I'm a work for/by myself kind of guy who doesn't borrow money. Not much of plan needed. But if you intend financing and having employees, different situation.
  8. I've been cruising many multiple page threads on sewing machine selection. What would be really cool is a bar graph of various sewing machines and their operating range of use on leather. This might also reduce the number of repeat questions about machines. Leather type, thickness, thread size. Then would just be a matter of asking how hard it is to convert from one side of the range to another. Just a thought that I'm not capable of pulling off.
  9. How do we know if a product we sell or intend to produce and sell is protected by a patent?
  10. Thank you. That's awesome Not much power use at all.
  11. well, lighter stuff can be hand sewn.
  12. Sounds good! What kind of machine uses a servo motor like that and would be good for thin to thick leather? Might sew some wallet thickness projects in addition to holsters. If the leather business is anything like other kinds of businesses, products more in the $30-$50 range might sell better and crank out fast. Cheap to ship too.
  13. I am getting some good options here. Thanks! Getting a sense of how hard the hand crank machines would be to operate is difficult without seeing one and operating one in person. I like the idea of a wheel that lends to adding a motor too. Sounds like a servo motor would not draw all that much power. If I'm doing my old electronic math correctly about 700 watts. Not bad for the time you are actually sewing. Using a stand alone solar system and batteries might not be that extensive. We are considering moving to a property that is off grid. 3 mile driveway from county road.
  14. Are there any electric machines with notably low amp draws?
  15. I'm looking for an income while living off grid. Decent solar system, but it would be nice to sew without electricity. Would be for holsters and other items, but they'd be the toughest and thickest items I'd sew. Considering the short amount of sewing time, makes sense to me to get a non electric machine. The Tippman Boss comes to mind, but this leaves only one hand to manipulate the leather. So I'm wondering about a treadle machine recommendation. Hope you guys have some good ideas. Have some other leather items which may be good to market as built in the USA with zero carbon impact.
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