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  1. I have a ton of stuff, several hides, all kinds of vintage hand tools, patterns (these are patterns to our own designs of products we have sold), ots and lots of nylon thread. I want to sell the machine first and then see about the rest. I'm considering going back down to a Boss and keeping the rest of the stuff. But I really just don't need the machine.
  2. I ordered this machine to be loaded like the loaded model 4 just like the bobbin winder and casting of the model 3 better. I have purchased an additional smooth foot for the machine as well as all kinds of needles. Couldn't tell from a brand new machine as I have hardly used it. I bought it for a large contract job that feel apart by the time I got the machine,lol. I will say you can't beat the great support Steve has for his products, he is truely a class act. I'm really selling off my entire shop but wanting to start with this machine. I live in Branson, Missouri and really couldn't see shipping the machine. We are going back to working iron and would consider trades or partial trades for the following... Nice quality anvil, propane forge, name brand 220 volt mig, 220 volt tig, and willing to look at what else you may have. My boys also need a decent car or truck to drive (nothing older than 2003. I will take 2300.00 for the machine and everything I have extra for it plus a have a lot of thread 69-277 that will go with it as well. Once I sell the machine I will sell that rest. Please just call as I don't get on this site much. 816-982-3416
  3. This is our minimalist style bifold. Two card slots and a slot for bills. I used roo to line and make the card slots so it is very thin yet strong. I love working with shark and it seems to be popular as well.
  4. I changed out the center foot and problem is gone. The center foot is some China knock off, surprise lol.
  5. I'm getting a mark from the center foot. I have the tension all the way let off to the point the leather will lift up some. The machine runs out very nice other than that. Is there an adjustment to how far down that foot goes and if so does that adjustment alter the timing of that foot by making the adjustment? It makes the mark on 2oz leather and 9 oz basically the same.
  6. Very nice clean lines. I love this style of seat!
  7. A local guy here has a GA5-1 for 600.00. It comes with three different feet, a roller foot, a few bobbins and needles and of course the servo motor and table. It is in very good condition if you are looking to save a few bucks. This is in Kansas City
  8. If you are wanting to save a few bucks you might check into a Singer 16-88 or 16-188 or a clone of one. They seem to run out fine with 207 on the top and can do 3/8. I see them all the time for under 200.
  9. Far from an expert here but I will be happy to pass along what has helped us. First a buddy of mine works at a sharpening shop so this works out to get things done custom. It depends on what needle and how large but on the bigger stuff he reprofiles the needle at the tip and if the needle is big enough puts a bit of an hour glass profile to it and then a super polish job all in reduce friction and make a nicer looking backside.
  10. Mike I love that thing. I had never heard of that machine until now. I couldn't find how much they are welling them for on the website so I would guess it is more than it should be.
  11. Think of a arm that operates on a cam that mirrors the stroke of that Boss. You wouldn't need a return spring the pedal would move the arm a complete cycle with one downmotion. We might convert it I'm not sure. You would have to take the arm off and on 9just one bolt) if you wanted to take it with you somewhere portable.
  12. We could make it work with one pedal, just need the right profile on the cam that would mirror the complete stroke. It would be easier with two pedals of course but I have very little movement in my right ankle (I'm lucky to still have one). I have a prosthetic shoulder and when I heard something might be out there that would not only let me have both hands on the material, be easy on my shoulder and allow a faster and straighter stitch I at least wanted to check it out. I would say that the average person would have zero trouble with pulling and pushing the lever but with a makeshift shoulder doing a long run is not much fun. It is however light years beyond trying to hand sew for me.
  13. Had a local guy here tell me he thought he saw a stand that converted the boss to foot operation. I can't seem to find one anywhere, I do see just a basic stand but it just bolts on and doesn't convert.
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