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  1. Quick question can I stamp drum dried leather straps? I have only used it once a long time ago and never tried it,. I want to make some straps with letter stamps and possibly carve a grove on the edge. Can I do that with this type or do I need to use veg tan and dye it.
  2. Does anyone use a shop press instead of a clicker to save money. I haven't seen the clicker ones for under 1500 but could buy a shop press for $100 from harbor freight. Would it work if I don't need the speed or volume, or am I just dreaming?
  3. Can you make them to be used with a mallet or recommend someone who does? I am in need of some of your FF stamps but I don't have a press
  4. I bought one a couple months back. Now I just need an edge guide.
  5. Won't the act of piercing the rubber inside cause it to tear? Or am I wrong in assuming there is a solid piece of rubber inside? thanks for your help!
  6. For the people who use elastic strips or bands in your project how do you secure it without punching a hole in it and weakening it. I would think if I sewed it or put a small rivet in it it would be more susceptible to tearing.
  7. For the guys who make firefighter helmet shields regularly do you use a die to cut them out or are these all hand cut? I don't have a press but I was trying to decide if it was worth having a mallet die made. If you do have a die did you design the shape yourself or is there a common form to borrow? Also do you paint your shields or are they dyed. I saw one the other day that looked great but was painted (something I had not considered) thanks for or the help.
  8. Looking for a used tippmann Boss. Must be in good working order. Aluminum or cast iron is fine. I'm in Fort Collins Colorado so must be willing to ship or be close enough for pick up. Thanks!
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