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  1. YinTx - valid questions. I've made several of these, some customers do not like the snaps, some do. I prefer snaps for the ease of removing it. As far as visibility from the side, I ran the gussets all the way to the flap. I made them long and trimmed them after all sewing was completed. I can tell you that anything like a Glock 26 sized firearm will not pass for a cellphone. For those I make a pouch with a handle, they end up looking like a book.
  2. Made this for my Keltec 380. It's alittle bigger than a normal cellphone but seems to go unnoticed. I went with snaps on the bottom of the belt loop which allows it to go off and on without removing my belt. Critics welcome!
  3. Looks great, I've made a couple using the same leg design, they are actually very comfortable. Your multi-color dye looks very crisp. Do you use Eco-flo dye or coca type? I have issues with my colors running when I put sheen on to seal it.
  4. Made this for my favorite customer, me!
  5. Had this on my mind since I retired. I like it but may do another one with a few tweaks.
  6. This is the second one I made, the first one was for myself, see photos. The green dye was not completely dry when I put sheen on and it ran over on the yellow. The second one was better but the yellow didn't stay as bright as I hoped. They sit very comfortable and were perfect for long conversations with young Soldiers.
  7. Made this as a gift for a friend of mine. Still can't figure out multiple colored dye.
  8. Just finished this one up for the Commander I served in Iraq with, call-sign Phoenix 6.
  9. Just finished this up for a friend of mine. That's a lot of gun to carry concealed. Still learning, for instance, I didn't account for the slide release to make the kydex clip tilt some. It ended up not affecting the carry once it is clipped to the belt and tucked in the waistband.
  10. Just finished this for a friend of mine. As always, I learned a lot. The tank insignia looked really good in the the flat but lost it's depth when I wrapped it around. The double-stacked clip pouch worked out well.
  11. Day walker - I got the clip off ebay, search for K1BO Pocket Slim Stainless Steel Cash Money Clamp Clip Credit Card Wallet Holder. You will have to drill holes to mount it and the delivery takes a few weeks but it is a nice clip.
  12. Just finished this up for one of my fellow Soldiers. US Army Drill Sergeant Identification Badge, with a reminder on the other side what money can do to a man. Critics welcome.
  13. Took my standard inside the waistband design and added the snake and text. Still have a long way to go on the carving/stamping but it is getting easier each time. Comments and suggestions welcome!
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