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  1. kayw

    Which Mallet / Maul to minimize noise

    The lighter one you use may be the noisiest as if you are stamping on 10-11 oz leather you will need to hit the stamp harder. For me, I use the one most suitable for the weight of leather I am using. KayW
  2. The spring I was referring to is the one that opens the bobbin out from its housing when you depress the lever. I have to admit that I don't know all the parts terminology as I would like. That is also one of the reasons I need to find a tech manual that lists them. Hey, thanks for your suggestions. By the time I get more into my machines I am sure I will know much more. Right now I am much like the Stohlmans as I do most of my stitching by hand. I am getting more interested in sewing with my machines now as I get older (76) and my joints, etc. get more painful when I sew or stamp on leather. KayW
  3. I would sure love to find a copy of a tech manual with a schematic of this machine. I happen to own it and the bobbin housing needs a new spring. Thanks for the info and the website. KayW
  4. This seems like some of the old Singers I have seen, and it is foreign either Japanese or ? The bobbin is the same size as my Luberto #9. KayW
  5. kayw

    How to relax braided horsehair

    Thanks mucho! I will give this a try and let you know how it comes out KayW
  6. kayw

    How to relax braided horsehair

    I bought the braided horsehair several years ago so I won't be trying to re-braid it. I appreciate your suggestions on shampooing it but I also was thinking of perhaps using a steam kettle to soften it and then as you suggest maybe tie a weight on the end of each piece and let it hang until it dries. Thanks much for your suggestions. KayW
  7. I have a large amount of braided horsehair that has been stored for some time and am trying to use lengths of approx 3 1/2 ft. for making bolo ties. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to relax the hair so that it hangs straight without curling? KayW
  8. kayw

    knurling tool

    thanks to you guys for these good ideas. I'll let you know how I come out! KayW
  9. kayw

    knurling tool

    Thanks to you both Mark and Tom. Yes, I do live in Mesa, Arizona . I posted back in 2012 about knurling but then I got distracted by some of my other hobbies and I am spending more time in my leatherwork now thanks to grand kids and others. I have also been getting my sewing machines back up and running again. Have a Luberto #9 harness stitcher and a Juki clone. I have gotten almost as much fun out of making stamping tools as in my leather work. One of my fun activities is to find old machetes from South America or elsewhere and make scabbards for them. I usually give them away to friends. KayW
  10. kayw

    knurling tool

    I am looking for a knurling tool to use on my stamping tools that I have inherited or made from stainless steel bolts and nails.
  11. kayw

    Dyes Vs Paints

    Hey, thanks mucho for your response! Nothing seems to me to bring out the beauty of a piece of leather like a "little" pure neatsfoot oil finished with a good lacquer. I have enjoyed your posts as I have begun to get acquainted with this great website. KayW
  12. kayw

    Dyes Vs Paints

    I've been searching around this website and I think I've found my own answer. Wyosheen and Clearlac are apparently the current names for the lacquer I'm looking for. KayW
  13. kayw

    Dyes Vs Paints

    Hey Jon, where do you get your neat lac? I can't seem to find it here in the Phoenix area. None of the Tandy stores handle it anymore as due to some Fed regulation. Also, I wonder if there is some substitute that works as well. I don't care for the acrylic stuff, but sure would like to find some lacquer that works well on leather. KayW
  14. kayw

    making my own Stamps

    Hi Clay, say - how did you do the knurling on your tools above? It looks very professional. KayW