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  1. C.S. Osborne makes this self-centering set: http://www.csosborne.com/NOK156T.HTM
  2. Thank you for conducting this research/experiment and this update. Very interesting.
  3. I bought some a few months ago. I placed an order on Thursday and received it the following Monday. I'm in California.
  4. I'm sorry to hear they went out of business. I like their tools, especially the older ones.
  5. It's probably 2014. I bought it in January.
  6. I purchased my first Dixon pricking iron - 6SPI, 1 inch - two months ago. I noticed that the prongs are not centered. I was told by the distributor that this is how they are designed. When I held the iron perpendicular, it flew out of my hand when I struck it. My other irons (Blanchard, Seiwa) are symmetrical. My questions: Why does Dixon grind them this way? Is there a special technique for using them?
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