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  1. As a guest I don't think you can submit photos only members. It sounds like an interesting job. I have made haversack and even rebuilt tops of a set of motorcycle saddle bags before. I f you would like to discus it you can send me a picture of what you want done. to Sharmory at aol dot com
  2. Old Tried and true works best: Saddle soap to clean it neetsfoot oil to replace the oils in the leather.
  3. Like new. Only about two months old. Don't need it as much as I thought I did. The Cobra Class 20 is a flatbed machine perfectly suited for book covers, liners, bags and sheaths with its compound feed walking foot, servo motor and speed reducer. Boasting a 9/16” (14mm) capacity, the Cobra Class 20 uses thread sizes 46 - 207. This machine is great for beginners because of the speed reducer - you can sew at full torque at virtually any speed! It is one of the most versatile machines on the market and includes needles, threads, a thread stand, extra bobbins, tool kit, and comprehensive manual. Also comes with edge guide. $2000.00
  4. Thank you for the response. I did find a 10pc set online http://www.toolplanet.com/product/Stark-punch-set-46025/6212 3/16 - 1 1/4 Same set up
  5. I saw an old video the guy was using a hole punch with a center poking out so you could get it set in the right spot. It was over 1/4" so those a hard to line up. Does anybody know if there are any on the market today? Thanks
  6. Cain, I'm using the pattern pack from Tandy Leather . Motorcycle Accessory Pattern Pac Item #62667-00$19.99
  7. Hi, I'm just starting out I have several ideas of projects I want to make and sell. I don't know what I should charge. I know a lot of industies (constuction, auto repair & bicycle repair) have guide books for general pricing. Is there anything like that for leatherwork? Is it cost + time. If so what is the rate for stampimg? Any help would be great Thanks Kirk
  8. JLS, It's 7 1/2' between the belt clips. I wear it every day, it spreads the weight out. My 1911 doesn't bother me at all. The laether molds to you body. It's very comfortable all day.
  9. This is my first product. I am making 7 different models in left and right IMG_1321.bmp
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