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    I just picked up my first heavy duty machine and it is a Pearson #6. The problem I have is that I didn't get a bobbin winder with it. I'm hoping someone might have one that I could purchase.
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    Looking For Singer 45K Cylinder Arm For Saddle Making

    hotrod, This is Dallas, I was at your shop a few days ago, I was seeing if there happened to be any others for sale on here that weren't on ebay or craigslist.
  3. I am looking for a working Singer 45k Cylinder arm machine. Would prefer it to be in the Pacific Northwest. Please post pictures and price.
  4. That depends on the prices.
  5. Can an Eversew class 15 be used for saddlemaking?
  6. Do you actually make the ropes or do you just use their rope alot?
  7. I have been looking everywhere to find a large spool of 3-4 strand poly rope for me to make ranch ropes. Can someone tell me where I can buy it?