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  1. Hopefully this is the right topic. I dabble into leatherwork and repair when needed but this project is beyond my skill. I have a professional enlisted to help me, she's worked with leather for years and has done some saddles. And if not, there's a custom maker not far from me who would help. Anyway, I'd like to build a skeleton saddle for endurance racing. Does anyone know where we could find a cable-rigged endurance tree (I don't want a horn)? I know Laporte has the cable-rig but I'm not sure if they make an endurance tree. I tried contacting CSST but never got an answer. Then, any recommendations on the type and weight of leather to use? The saddle would have the seat half-covered with jockeys so the stirrup leathers are covers and the cable. It would also have skirts. If there's anything you think I need to know to do my research properly, please let me know. My friend (the professional) has told me I have to bring the supplies and she would bring the tools and the skills. I do have the saddlemaking books so I can understand the process. Or if anyone knows someone who makes saddles like what I'm looking for, names help too!
  2. Thanks so much everyone! This will make my project much easier. The collar is 1" wide, so that's a decent amount of room to work on.
  3. Hoping this is the right section. I have an order for a dog collar with a name on it. I never got the alphabet stamps because normally I don't do projects with letters in them. Is there any way I can just carve the letters and then clean them up with a bevel tool? Does anyone have any suggestions? I do have a piece of tracing film that I printed out the letters on in a large block font. I've also seen "craftaids" listed on SLC. What are these and would they help? Thanks for any advice, still new at this!
  4. That is lovely! Not my style at all but barrel racers go crazy for that stuff. I'm starting my first headstall in a bit, when my leather order gets here from SLC. My friend wants a barcoo headstall. Aiming towards the trail and endurance market.
  5. Wow! Great job! For a first saddle, that is amazing.
  6. Facebook is a great tool. I know people who's entire business runs on FB, including leatherwork. And we're talking international sales. If done rit, it can make or break you. I've helped several people set up pages. Its huge for sales, I trade and deal more over FB these days than anything else. Horses, show cattle, tack, goats, textbooks, all on there.
  7. It's goodsjapan and as said, they have good reviews. I'll let you know what I think after I go to my mailbox later today... if I'm not mistaken my stuff just got here and I have the wheel and groover. Update, got my shipment and very happy with what I got. Definitely worth the money and so far not junk.
  8. That sounds ideal. I have yet to find remnant leathers. Planning on spending some money at Springfield soon. Look up Bruce Cheney online. He's really good for ideas. And Pinterest... I've made several boards of ideas
  9. A suggestion that was given to me, was to pick a project, and then build up your tools from there. GoodsJapan has many tools, I'm currently waiting on some from them, very reasonable prices. Springfield Leather is another, also has generally good tools at good starting prices. For awls, I just got a Douglas diamond blade with a Stinger awl haft and I must say, I'm in love. Worth every penny. You can also get many tools at the hardware store and if you are creative, make your own. It is costly but no more than other hobbies. Look at what parents drop today for their children to play hockey. Or owning a horse. Or sewing. I have figured out that unlike most things, leathercraft tools do hold their value fairly well so that if you decide this isn't for you, you will get most of your investment back as long as the tools you bought aren't complete junk.
  10. ^ I think that is the thing about horses and riding... there are so many different opinions and ways. I did find more Aussie saddle photos and all are similar to what I'm doing. Saddleseat as well. Oddly enough not dressage which is what an Aussie saddle was built on (the traditional ones that is). I've been researching ground seats. So many options!
  11. I'm aware of that. However, if I make them longer again, cues become difficult. You can see just how far down my boots are along her side. I know on my fat pony, my toes would touch her knees. I take the arm length and then shorten it a hole. When I did ride English in first year college, I was running the irons up 3 to 4 holes just so I could keep my legs on the horse not around the horse (it was a 16.2hh warmblood).
  12. They might be a bit on the short side but if I make them any longer, I lose my stirrups. This is when I had them longer My coach told me to shorten them a few days later.
  13. Okay, photos.... Bareback Under saddle, same horse. That's about it. That's the only standing under saddle photo I have.
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