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  1. Is there away to, for example to make a check book and line it with pig lining, and before glueing it cut two slits in it in the middle where the check book folds. And be able to slide a pencil or a pen in the slot? is there away to do that with still having the lining glued down with out any wrinkles? I have tried it and it keeps wrinkling up where I cut the two slits. Thanks.
  2. Im glad a few people got some use out of it, I enjoyed the site.
  3. I stumbled upon this web site that has free d/l of leather books, most of them are old book with lots of patterns. Leathercraft has patterns for billfold, cigarette case, key container, tobacco pouch, book cover, belts and so on. I provide a few books that you can download in .pdf format and there is other formats which can be d/l to. There is also videos and audio on "leather" as well, here is the link to the site with the word leather is already searched. http://archive.org/s...p?query=leather Hope you guy enjoys this, Thanks for looking. LEATHERCRAFT FOR AMATEYRS - ELEONORE E. BANG http://ia700302.us.a...ra006855mbp.pdf HISTORICAL CARVINGS IN LEATHER - DR. WILLIAM ALLEN MADDOX http://ia700308.us.a...in007170mbp.pdf Leather Hides Skin Tanning Material - E C Snow http://ia700508.us.a...in003965mbp.pdf The application of Oils and Grease to Leather - J R Blockey http://ia700300.us.a...il017193mbp.pdf Leather work - Wilson, Winifred H http://ia600704.us.a...rwork00wils.pdf
  4. Im interested in trying this out, Thanks Mikesmith648. Thanks ReneeCanady Im really digging how that book is binded. Thanks Particle.
  5. Thanks everyone, very helpful I really appreciate it. Cant wait to get this project into motion.
  6. Thanks, Treed. Not really what im looking for, but I got some pointers from the tandy video. Here is what Im looking for...
  7. I was wanting to make a medieval looking leather journal but Im not sure on how to bind it together. Would anyone happen to know a good source for the paper that looks like its all roughed up around the edges?. Any info would be great, journal patterns, binding info. Thanks.
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