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  1. Mariohanel

    Pearson #6

    This machine has been sold.
  2. Mariohanel

    BUSMC #6 HM (Head + Bobbin winder) - I can ship

    Very nice machine hope it sells quickly the color you chose looks great on that machine.
  3. Mariohanel

    Pearson #6

    Hi ljk, I forgot that I had those machines up there I have since found a machine for that spot in the shop, I would be more interested in a Adler or pfaff cylinder arm, I prefer Adler not shur on all the models, like a 269 or something similar, or another needle awl machine. Thanks for your interest Mario.
  4. Mariohanel

    Pearson #6

    I have lowered my price to $4100 with the conversion and $3800 put back to its original state as a treadle, I am also open to partial trades. This machine has been completely gone through and has had most all of the replaceable parts replaced so it is in top notch condition and it makes a gorges looking stitch.
  5. Mariohanel

    Roller foot for a juki 411

    I am looking for a roller foot that fits a juki 411. Thanks Mario
  6. Mariohanel

    Singer 97-10 hook and race for sale

    These items have been sold thank you
  7. Mariohanel

    Pearson #6

    Lower price to $4300
  8. Mariohanel

    Help with setting up Mitsubishi servo motor

    Sark9, thanks for the response talked to a Mitsubishi rep. today and we don't think it's the synchronizer but the control box and he gave us the name of a place that repairs them. Thanks Mario
  9. I have a juki 441 that is ran by a Mitsubishi limiservo xl-554-20v and I need some information on setting up the synchronizer, I've look on the internet and can't find any detailed instructions on how to do this if anyone could help me with this or tell me where to go to get instruction I sure would be great full. Thank Mario
  10. Mariohanel

    Cobra machine plates

    I am interested if you still have them. I I have pm you. Thanks Mario
  11. Mariohanel

    Singer 111g156 on a class 7 treadle

    This machine has been sold. thanks for looking , Mario.
  12. Mariohanel

    Singer 111g156 on a class 7 treadle

    Yetibelle, no problem maybe you'll run in to one closer to home. Thanks for the interest Mario.
  13. Mariohanel

    Singer 111g156 on a class 7 treadle

    Yetibelle, thank you for the compliment, if you are interested in the treadle I would serperate the head and treadle, or I would even separate the head the table top and treadle pricing them seperatly. I would also crat any of it but the buyer pays and arranges the shipping. Thanks for the interest Mario.
  14. Mariohanel

    Singer 111g156 on a class 7 treadle

    The 111g156 has reverse and will sew close to 1/2 of a inch it's also had a bigger hand wheel add, the treadle has been restored and has a solid oak top made from two boards, it works very well. For a short video go to Hanel's Saddle Shop on fb. The machine is located in Lakeview Or. And I am asking $1250, for more info call Mario at 530-260-0770.
  15. Mariohanel

    Singer 97-10 hook and race for sale

    I have a 97-10 hook and race for sale both are in very good shape, they both shows very little use, $225 for the pair and the spar bobbin case. The hook on the right came with the race when I bought it originally it fits the race but is of different design than the 97-10 hook so I'm not shire what it's for, the simanco part number is 19977, $100. The parts are located in Lakeview Or. Thanks for looking my number is 530-260-0770.