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  1. I've got setting tools for line 16, 20 and 24 snaps. The problem is, I don't have the instruction sheet (and pictures) that came with the kit. Does anyone have a set of instructions identifying these tools (from the Tandy "Snap Setter Kit") that could be scanned and posted? I can find pictures of the snap assemblies, but not side-by-side comparisons of the tools to help in picking the right tool. I'm afraid I'm not using the right tools for the right jobs, and since I lost the instruction flyer, I've been having some difficulties setting snaps.
  2. Here's a picture of the front page of the instruction manual, which has a picture of the shotgun case. Hope this helps.
  3. Pictures of the box?? I'm a little confused.... This is a kit.
  4. Are these directions still needed? I have scanned a PDF of the instruction booklet. I also have access to the tooling pattern that came with the kit, which includes templates for ALL of the leather pieces, and I could have a copy of that made at Kinkos, for a fee. The instruction booklet and the tooling pattern combined have adequate information to permit a person to make the case from scratch.
  5. I have a vintage Tandy 4412 Guardian Shotgun Case Kit for sale, dating from 1983. The kit, for a sheepskin leather case with acrylic pile and foam lining, is in excellent condition and includes all necessary parts (see note), an instruction manual, and a carving pattern. The carving pattern includes full-size templates of the leather pieces and could be used to make additional cases of the same design. The very small zipper pull piece is missing, but a template for the piece (easily cut) is present in the carving pattern, and I have included a piece of leather to use for this piece. Satisfaction is guaranteed, or the item may be returned within 30 days (unused, in the original packaging) for a full refund. Asking price: $97.00
  6. Thanks to all for the helpful feedback. I don't know if there is anything I can do about the cookies, but I'll try making the image files smaller. (Can't put my web site designer on the problem as that would be me!) Corsetfitzbakersfield, I would indeed appreciate that link's you mention.
  7. P.S. -- Is anybody else having trouble with the site?
  8. I' m surprised. The link is working on my PC, and gives a fair approximation of the site on my Kindle (some distortions). What are you using?
  9. I'm just getting my company up and running and now have a new web site -- http://www.cactuswrenleather.com Critiques on the site or on any of the work shown in the pictures are welcome! Karen
  10. The Chesapeake Leatheworkers Guild is now forming and will be centered in the Baltimore-Washington area. For more information, contact me at CactusWrenLeather@gmail.com. We hope to seey you there! -- Karen
  11. The Chesapeake Leatherworkers Guild is now forming, centered in in the area served by the Essex, Maryland Tandy store. For additional information, contact Karen at CactusWrenLeather@gmail.com.
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