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  1. Thats done with a Barry King seashell and a Barry King 6 hole filler
  2. when you are swivel cutting small details and narrow lines don't cut any deeper than the width of the design.
  3. The Watts knife has a bearing that makes the rotation very smooth and precise, and the blade stays securely in place. They are an excellent high quality knife. I had one for a couple of years, but after 20 years of using a standard swivel knife I just couldn't make the transition and sold it.
  4. Tips and tricks with Cobra class leather working equipment is a Facebook group that is your best bet for info. you need to change the rotation on your servo, but I don't remember how it is done.
  5. I've always put the gun in a ziplock bag. never had a problem, but some folks don't like to leave their guns with you.
  6. I am in western N.C. and have the same situation. white vinegar will kill mold and mildew on the hides but it takes a month or more for the smell of it to go away. Oxalic acid also works for surface mold. Several years ago I put a small fan in my leather storage closet and when the humidity is up I leave it on to circulate air over the hides, I haven't had any problem since.
  7. That looks like a large zipper. when I put a zippered pocket inside a wallet I use a standard 6 inch "jeans " zipper from the fabric store. they are much smaller but strong enough to do the job with minimal marking. anytime you have metal verses leather the leather will take some marking.
  8. Craft Japan tools are higer quality than Tandy tools, Barry King tools are well worth the price difference.
  9. I'm no expert, but I have had a machine for several years and use it often. I am aware of several other machine users in my area. never heard of anyone lubricating nylon thread. a saddle shop near me has been in business for longer than I have been alive, I'm 60 and none of their dozen or so machines runs lubricated thread or uses a lubricater. I have heard horror stories of people who ran waxed thread through a machine. take that with a grain of salt because as I said I am no expert.
  10. I do those borders with half round punches of the desired diameter. I make them by cutting half the diameter off of a round punch with a bandsaw.
  11. natural stretch marks in the leather will cause that.
  12. Search "used leathercraft tools" on E-Bay. there are lots of used tools on there and you can get an idea of what they are selling for. those Tippman Boss stitchers consistently go for 800.00 up. The value of the stamping tools will depend on the maker and when they were made. Check out Brucejohnsonleather.com. he deals in used tools.
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