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  1. natural stretch marks in the leather will cause that.
  2. Search "used leathercraft tools" on E-Bay. there are lots of used tools on there and you can get an idea of what they are selling for. those Tippman Boss stitchers consistently go for 800.00 up. The value of the stamping tools will depend on the maker and when they were made. Check out Brucejohnsonleather.com. he deals in used tools.
  3. Contact BK and ask them to send you a sales flyer, the stamps are shown actual size in the flyer.
  4. Barry King makes push beaders and beader blades for a swivel knife.
  5. That rounded border can be done with a push beader or a beader blade in a swivel knife or a slicker in that profile. It takes a lot of practice to do it that nicely. the backgrounder looks like an E-294 these may be available from Springfield Leather.
  6. I agree, I think they are called a bush tool.
  7. Back bevellers will round over those corners. Barry King makes them to fit into a swivel knife and they work great for this.
  8. If you can get your hands on a back issue of Leathercrafters & Saddlers Journal Vol 22 No.3 May /June 2012 Bob Klenda shows how to wet form that gusset for a saddle purse project..
  9. wet mold the outer skin and lining together. clamp them in place until dry, once dry ,take them apart and apply glue and put them back together. once the glue is set you can dampen the leather and do some fine tuning if needed.
  10. I have done it numerous times. I use a damp, not soaking wet, sponge and work from the stained area out until the whole project is good and damp then let it dry completely. this works most of the time but not always.
  11. Take a look at Weaver Leather, Barry King , Ranch2arena.com is Jeremiah watt's website and Ron's Tools. all make great hand tools.
  12. I don't have bar grounders but I have several Craft Japan stamps. they are much better quality than Craftool and Springfield's tools and most of the other stuff you find on E-Bay and such. If I was going to get serious about bar grounding I would hold out for Barry Kings.
  13. I did this one a few years ago, I think the pattern was in a Leathercrafters and Saddlers Journal. Maybe a Christine Stanley pattern.
  14. harness needles are the needles you want. I usually punch holes after I dye the leather, to avoid a darker area where the dye penetrates deeper at the holes. that's a great job for a first project.
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