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  1. Take a look at Weaver Leather, Barry King , Ranch2arena.com is Jeremiah watt's website and Ron's Tools. all make great hand tools.
  2. I don't have bar grounders but I have several Craft Japan stamps. they are much better quality than Craftool and Springfield's tools and most of the other stuff you find on E-Bay and such. If I was going to get serious about bar grounding I would hold out for Barry Kings.
  3. I did this one a few years ago, I think the pattern was in a Leathercrafters and Saddlers Journal. Maybe a Christine Stanley pattern.
  4. harness needles are the needles you want. I usually punch holes after I dye the leather, to avoid a darker area where the dye penetrates deeper at the holes. that's a great job for a first project.
  5. my BK thick blade is 1/8 and my thin blade is 1/16
  6. you can find Since leather tools on ETSY
  7. A Rodeo alphabet sold on E-Bay a couple of days ago for $220.00.
  8. Jeremiah Watt has a 3.5 inch knife that is a very well made knife, that holds an edge well . his website is ranch2arena.com.
  9. It is not the Stohlman knife and is stamped made in USA
  10. with granite the darker colors with no veining or large crystals are the strongest. the more veins and crystals= more weak points. the darker the color the more dense and strong the stone is. I have solid black granite on my bench and don't shy away from using my 4 pound maul on it.
  11. anyone have any info on when these were made or the value? The blade is etched "Craftool Company, Professional grade, made in USA.
  12. There is lots of information out there on the basic use of a swivel knife. There are only a few basic moves and rules in the proper use of a swivel knife. Skill is the factor that determines the quality of your cuts, and skills are honed to perfection only by practice and repetition. Learn the basics, practice a lot and try to learn from each project to make the next project better. With enough practice and time it will become second nature to you, but it will never happen if you don't put in the work. I have used a swivel knife for 45 years, and I still see room for improvement in my work. Good luck.
  13. I hand stitch when I have to otherwise I use my Cobra 4. The Cobra will sew up to 7/8 of an inch thick . I mostly sew wallets, belts and bags and this machine does all well. Needle and thread will depend on what you sew.
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