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  1. The leather itself can also be the problem. over the years i have used lots of leather that will not burnish worth a damn no matter what you do.
  2. Jacksons western store in Asheville, N.C. still has a display full of Craftool Pro stamps. I don't know what they have left but it might be worth the call. I have those lifters they work great.
  3. Welcome, Where in WNC? I am in Clyde, the hub of the universe.
  4. Tiger thread is great for hand sewing, don't use waxed thread in the Cobra machine.
  5. I have a few of his stamping tools, they are top quality.
  6. make your cuts one third to one half the thickness of your leather, bevel deeply and mat away from your design with a matting tool or a backgrounder. Figure bevelers are great for this also.
  7. I had the surgery on my right hand 15 years ago and never had a problem since.
  8. The only thing I do different is to wring the dye out of the wool when I am done and I do reuse the wool.
  9. I always use a punch to cut the inside radius then cut from the hole with my round knife.
  10. I have had a Cobra 4 for a little more than 3 years now. Before that i had a Tippmann Boss for 3 years. These are my only experience with machine sewing. I hated the Tippmann like nothing I have ever known, and I can't say enough good about the Cobra 4. There is a learning curve but it was minor for me, I watched the Chris Andre and Al Bane videos on the Leather Machine website several times before ordering and several times after receiving my machine. With these videos and great customer service from the Leather Machine Co. you should have no problem learning the machine. the Facebook group, Tips and tricks with Cobra class equipment is a great resource. I have never had a regret about buying this machine it is a timesaving workhorse.
  11. Springfield Leather sells Hermann Oak in small pieces.
  12. Your Craftool Co. USA tools will serve you fine, learn to use them first and then upgrade as needed.
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