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  1. buzzardbait

    Looking for first Heavy Duty Machine

    Check out the Cobra machines from Leather Machine Co. I have a Cobra Class 4 and love it. I sew Wallets, belts, holsters, purses, sheaths and have even sewn heavy denim for clutch purses on it.
  2. buzzardbait

    Needle Sticking in Leather

    Check the tip of your needle it may have a tiny bend or curl that is catching, if not you may need to give your cement more cure time.
  3. buzzardbait

    Swivel knives for small hands

    Barry King makes a 3/8 diameter knife that is great. I think Leather Wranglers will custom make one for you.
  4. buzzardbait

    Question about holster making

    I have a Cobra Class 4, With the holster plate or the stirrup plate installed you can sew very close. Some designs are easy to sew after molding and some need to be molded after. I prefer to mold after sewing because It is easy to scuff and mark the leather on the machine parts with a pre molded holster.
  5. Looks like an old Craftool Co. 517 They are not easy to find but I see them on E-bay from time to time
  6. buzzardbait

    Camel Saddle Hassock

    beautiful work
  7. is a great place to find the tools you are looking for, they have new and vintage tools and are great to do business with. They have both website and E-bay stores
  8. buzzardbait

    help with barry king tools

    I have a set of his 15 degree bevelers, and a set of his standard bevelers both with a checkered pattern they are all I use now and they are miles ahead of the Craftool Co. ones I was using before. I have several Barry King borders, geometrics,flower centers and basket weaves all are fine quality and leave a great imprint. I have several different swivel knives by other makers and a couple of weeks ago I bought a Barry King knife with a 3/8 barrel and a 1/4 inch angle blade. It is now my favorite , the narrow yoke fits my finger snugly and the small barrel surprisingly is easier on my arthritic hands.
  9. buzzardbait

    Lookee What Followed Me Home Today!

    The Craftool Co. stamps are older than the Craftool USA stamps. The Craftool Co. with a number only were pre 1963 and the ones with a letter prefix and a number were made prior to 1968. They then became Craftool Co. USA and later Craftool USA.
  10. buzzardbait

    Dull Weaver Master Tools Round Knife

    I agree. That edge is too fine for the Weaver knife, The Leather Wranglers knife blade is thicker with a different angle on the edge. I have the weaver knife, I sharpen it on a razor hone and strop it and it cuts like a scalpel.
  11. buzzardbait

    Pre 1963 CRAFTOOL CO. saddle stamps

    Look for the seller yanjieshop on E-Bay. He is in China and has great prices on vintage Craftools. I have ordered from him several times, he ships the next day, and his tool descriptions have been right on. It usually takes about 12 days shipping time,and the shipping is cheaper than U.S. sellers.
  12. buzzardbait

    Flattening stitching

    Wrong hammer. You need one with a wider face and rounded edges like a cobblers hammer.
  13. buzzardbait

    Wanted: Older Model Craftool 439 Border Stamp

    I have that stamp, sent you a PM
  14. buzzardbait

    Pre 1963 CRAFTOOL CO. saddle stamps

    I have a 932 and a 350 seed. I have mulefeet 710 & 354. Camos 455, 832, 771. Veiners 414, 413, 749, 465, 466. Seeds 628, 630. Borders and geometrics , 718, 442, 439 ,607, 611, 304 ,617. Flower center 817 Shaders224, 233. Backgrounders 801,889, 113. Stop 360. Bevels 197, 702 Figure tools 119, 898. Last but not least is an un numbered 775 camo there are two versions of this stamp, this is not the high profile version but is more like a veiner. There is nothing in your posted trade list I need
  15. buzzardbait

    Pre 1963 CRAFTOOL CO. saddle stamps

    I have 34 stamps that fit that description, willing to sell or trade, what numbers are you in need of?