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  1. I know i am beating a dead horse on this one, but i would like to get in touch with a Saddle maker in my area to work one on one with. i have searched for schools in my area with no avail. The problem is i own a contracting company for my day job,( hard to take off 3 weeks) and i am a team roper that got tired of having to buy new tack ever time i broke something, So i started fixing it myself .which lead me to were i am to day, wanting to work with someone.. and pick there brain. not just doing what they do but understanding why. any leads i would appreciate it. thanks for your time.
  2. a few more progress pics.
  3. here is a progress pic on my first bag.
  4. thanks for the advise Bruce, big fan of your work.
  5. how do you feel about hair on hide for the Gusset? what thickness do you use in the oil tanned?
  6. Thanks Tom, i have searched this topic and i have read that thread. i was looking for something more technical. i need more info on the gussets and how they are stitched.....this is the part that i am most worried about.
  7. hi guys, i am building a rope bag as an award in a roping coming up next month. i was wondering if any of you would shed some light on the build process,(preferred method ) i have a rope bag that i won in a roping awhile back and was planing on using it for a pattern. but if any of you have advise or ideas...Im all ears.. also my bag does not have dividers in it, if any one has a pattern i would be more then willing to pay you for it. thanks,
  8. great work! i have been asked to make a rope bag as a gift for a roping coming up. i have never made one, and could use some advise on the pattern & zipper ...a little intimidated on this one. thanks in advance
  9. have you revised your asking price??
  10. i would love this as well. steverclelland@gmail.com thanks
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