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  1. Very Nice! Looks like you put a lot of time into it.
  2. Thanks everyone. It has been quite a learning experience. I did the typical boxed ends by cutting 1 1/4" squares on the corners and sewing them together. I will try and put some photos up later to show an example.
  3. Very clean looking work! I have some blanks and hope to get around to making them soon.
  4. I have taken a break from wallets and tried to start making bags. I have always wanted a nice Dopp kit and never would pay the money for one, so I decided to try and make some. I started out trying to make them by sewing the liner along with the outside and it turned out to be extremely frustrating to get everything lined up. This one was made by inserting the liner and sewing it in by hand. It is Kangaroo with a Cordura lining. You'll probably notice that the topstitching is a little off. My Juki decided it didn't want to play nice since I was using such expensive material. Denim & Canvas. One of my first. Veggie tanned
  5. cds

    Juki Dnu-1541S

    Machine has been sold.
  6. cds

    Juki Dnu-1541S

    Machine was purchased sometime around Jan 2015. Probably has all of about 2hrs on it. It is in perfect condition. Comes with table,light, variable speed motor, and manuals. I will throw in some thread and needles. Please PM with any questions. $1500 and I cannot ship this machine. Machine is located in Hendersonville, NC
  7. Thanks everyone! I will try all these suggestions.
  8. I think I have figured out through reading around the forum that I will do my backstitching by hand. I made another wallet this afternoon and this is my result. Looks a lot better. I still got my curves to focus on but I will get there. Top Bottom
  9. Close-up of backstitching on top Backstitching on Bottom
  10. I am mainly trying to get started with wallets. I am using 4-5oz outside leather with 2-3oz inside. I am still trying to figure out what thread size to use or looks best (69 or 138). The photos below are with 138 and a 22 needle. Top stitch looks good to me. Here is the bottom stitch, which I cannot seem to live with. In this example, I have mashed down the thread and edges around the stitch to try and make it look better. I really do not like the way the backstitch bunches or knots up. Not sure if this is a tension issue or the best my machine will do?? Another side of wallet (Bottom Stitch)
  11. Would anyone care to post some close up photos of the bottom side stitch of a properly tensioned lockstitch machine? I am clueless on what to look for. Every time I think I have my machine tensioned properly for what I am stitching, I see flaws. I know I will never get my bottom stitch to look like the top, but I do feel I could do better.
  12. This is a beautiful piece! I love the color and the way you did the straps. I am interested in your sewing also.
  13. I am probably going to go back to #69 thread. I probably should have just stuck with trying to learn hand stitching but have invested in the machine and feel as though I should use it. Here is one of my first with the #69 thread
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