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  1. Wow, that's a lot easier than I thought. Thanks, R
  2. Does anybody know how to get the crack leather finish on this picture? I've searched for a while but I can't find the process anywhere. R
  3. Thanks Jimdad, I'll give it a try. R
  4. Good point, I'll try and see how it does. Thanks, R
  5. I've had good results using acrylic on veg tanned leather, but now I have a project that requires applying acrylic on oily leather. Is that possible? Do I need to treat the leather in any way before applying acrylic? Thanks in advance, RG
  6. Thanks Wiz, this is really helpful. R
  7. Hi Karina, That's strange, I'm attaching again. RG
  8. Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me. I've looked in the forum but I can't find this information. I'm new to leatherwork and looking into buying my first sewing machine, I've read a lot of threads and have a few machines in mind, but my question is, can the machines in the $2,000 range do stitches starting outside of the leather? If that doesn't make any sense please take a look at the attached image, I'm looking for a machine that can do the stitch on the left, that starts outside of the leather, as opposed to inside as in the right image. I apologize if I'm not using the right vocabulary, but like I said I'm very new. Thanks in advance for your help. RG
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