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  1. Very clean work! Nice even stamp placement and depth. I really like the design and the contrast of materials. Well done!
  2. Thanks to you all for commenting. I was reminded of a Rob Roy sporran too Madadh. I did this design after spending some time looking at the good work of Hamish Half-goat. http://half-goat-leatherwork.blogspot.com/ I find his blog to be inspiring. He has made some very nice items and on a trip to Scandinavia, tried his hand at blacksmithing. I may try that myself coming up.
  3. Aside from the excited banana, (which is great BTW) I would love to see what you are talking about. ;-)
  4. Thanks for the greetings. I might be interested in classes down the road when I have an opening. I like getting fresh perspectives on techniques and tool use as well as the creative synergy that happens in classes.
  5. Thanks all. I look forward to seeing what you all make. @Eccho Just look at the first picture and you can see all the materials laid out next to a ruler. The rough dimensions of the carrying capacity are 7 inches circular by 3 inches deep.
  6. Hello to all, I posted in the show-off board already and forgot to stop in here to say hello, so here I am to say it. :-) I've been tooling leather as a hobbyist for about 3 years total strung over an eight year period. I've had a couple of moves that left me with little to no space to pursue the craft, but now I'm back into it. I mainly have focused on learning to tool veg tanned leathers, but I am also interested in getting into garments. I enjoy making my own things and participating in an art that is so rich in history and exemplary works. I just hit the 50 year mark back in November 2014. I've enjoyed a career as a digital artist for twenty some years now but have always enjoyed my roots in classical materials such as oil paints and more recently acrylics and watercolors. Working in leather is, for me, among the most enjoyable mediums for artistic expression due in part to it's practical nature. I get to make beautiful things that don't just hang on a wall or sit on a hard disk. I have always loved learning new things and in this area of the arts of making, I have vast areas of unexplored territory. That fact excites me! I live in a suburb of Portland Oregon with my wife of nearly 30 years, my adult daughter and her daughter (our granddaughter). Our adult son lives nearby and he and I collaborate on many projects related to his coffee business. If you're still reading, thank you for being interested. I hope to get to know some of you going ahead and very much hope to learn more through the experience.
  7. Hello again, here is another of the projects I did for myself over the holiday break. I've been wanting to create an alternative for carrying some of my everyday items like phone, wallet, keys, earbuds, etc. that replaces the full pack I usually carry. I've tried this out and about a couple of times now and I am pleased with it. Let me know what you think. :-)
  8. It must be very nice to be on your Christmas list! I particularly like the leaf and thorn design and the overlaid spine decoration on the book cover.
  9. I like the way the color turned out. The tooling is very nice as well.
  10. Thanks for the greetings! And yes you should steal the idea, that's what I did! I saw it on a notebook cover from american benchcraft here http://store.americanbenchcraft.com/field-journal/. It is on their 'Protoshop' section and is listed as unavailable for purchase. I found that the soft, very textured flesh side of the bison hide grips the pencil perfectly with no slipping, yet it is easy to remove and replace. All around thanks for the warmth. :-)
  11. Nice wallet! I really enjoy the combining of brown tones with black.
  12. Hello all, My name is David K. Manuel. I am a first time poster here and want to share what I've been up to with leather recently. This one is a project I did as a gift to myself over the Thanksgiving holiday break. I had fun with this one and learned a few things. I look forward to being inspired by this community as well as learning many new things.
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