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  1. Pretty simple design, nothing too fancy on the tooling. But it turned out very clean. I'm happy with it and the customer loved the knife and the sheath. thanks for looking Eddie
  2. Nice work! A Luthier as well?? Very impressive. What do your guitars run? Eddie
  3. i had similar issue once before with the water-based antique from tandy. I had several theories. the dye, the leather, the lighting. who knows. aggravating though. this folder was supposed to be antique brown. it turned out sorta antique green. i threw away the dye. havent had issue again.
  4. I like your style there Billy Hell. Nice work. Eddie
  5. i've been using a paasche that i bought at hobby lobby for years. its a single action. think it was less than $100. I only do burst though. Far from an airbrush artist. but it does save a ton of dye. here are a couple ive done. nothing real fancy but makes a nice effect. Thanks, Eddie
  6. Looks great! The proportions of the drawing/carving are all spot on. Really nice. Eddie.
  7. Yeh the baseball stitch is an eyecatcher for sure! really nice. The stitches on that belt!! Jeez! Just curious about the manhours it took for that?? Looks awesome! Eddie
  8. Very Cool idea!! Would like to see pic of the lacing? Eddie
  9. Thanks! There are some very talented folks on this forum for sure. Eddie
  10. This is for a 5x7 spiral notebook cover. Standard basketweave, craftaid corners, some custom lettering, and neats-foot for color. I like how the color turned out. Hope it doesnt fade too much. Thanks for looking! Eddie
  11. wow almost would hate to sit on that!! Looks great! Eddie
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