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  1. Halitech

    My new holster

    Looks good, I really like the snake skin. Did you line the holster or just sew the snake in the cutout? Now that you've had it for 2 months, how do you find it for wearablility with the belt slots being so far below the majority of the gun weight?
  2. Halitech

    My mini laser engraver

    I think the bigger issue is finding software to convert a color photo into a b&w image. I've seen some that have burned them onto wooded cutting boards and they looked really good. Part of that could be the more solid nature of the wood compared to leather
  3. Halitech

    rifle sling question.

    Never thought to try a padding, might need a second liner but be interesting to see what you come up with
  4. Halitech

    rifle sling question.

    Yes, add a thin liner to the back (2/3oz), mark where the cut out will go and glue it in place. Put your snakeskin over top of that, making sure you have enough to go under the top piece, and glue that down. Put your top piece back on and glue and stitch everything together.
  5. Halitech

    rifle sling question.

    If he can get the size and angles right, he could almost flip it so it's flesh side out. Would have to be really steady when cutting it out but it is doable
  6. Halitech

    bad finishing edges

    Are you trying to burnish them or are you using that black stuff as some kind of edge coat? As Danne said, if you don't start with good straight, flush edges, no matter what you do, your edges will never turn out good. If that is an edge paint of some sort, you need to do 1 coat, let it dry and then sand. Then apply another coat, let dry, sand again. Repeat until you get the smoothness your are looking for.
  7. Halitech

    rifle sling question.

    Another option, depending on the tooling area, is to cut out the tooling, put the snakeskin behind it, then put a backing on it. I did a boo boo on a guitar strap and did the same thing. I also took the piece I cut out and trimmed it by ~3/16" and used it to make the snakeskin stand back up
  8. Halitech

    My mini laser engraver

    Exactly. Just because it was stitched by hand, doesn't mean it was done well or done properly. I talk to a lot of people that seem to think saddle stitch is basically a running stitch done with 2 threads. The way I was taught, saddle stitch actually locks in because of the knot that gets tied in the middle of the hole. And when done properly, hopefully you can't tell if it's by hand or machine
  9. Halitech

    My mini laser engraver

    The only time they have any say in how I do something, is if they are paying me to do it their way. If it was up to them, we'd still be using whale oil to light lanterns, horse and buggy would still be our method of transportation and food would be saved by salting only.
  10. Halitech

    My mini laser engraver

    We had that discussion a few weeks ago in a FB group that I'm in. Basically a few of the old time "gods" basically feel anything not done by hand (including stitching) is not hand made or leather work. Laser engraving is just cheapening the craft and they would rather do a key fob by hand, take an hour of their time and make nothing on the job over doing a laser engraving on the keyfob and spend their time doing something where they can make money.
  11. Halitech

    Maker's mark on 1mm kangaroo wallet

    I do laser engraving on 2/3oz veg tan cow and sheep all the time so you are fine with the thickness but chrome tan doesn't burn that well and the darker the leather, the less it shows up. And funny enough, I have some white that I tried it on and even at max power and depth, couldn't see it at all. You could feel it but the burn actually stayed white.
  12. Halitech

    Sunset wallet

    Actually, if you use an interior like I make myself or from SLC or Tandy, they will generally have a notch cut out right in the middle so you could actually stitch all the way around, just mark where to start and stop, and you'll be fine.
  13. Halitech

    My mini laser engraver

    Depends on the design but generally 15-25 minutes Yes, the design is basically burnt in the leather. I've been treating them the same as everything else, resolene or satin shene, depending on if I need full water resistance or not
  14. Halitech

    My mini laser engraver

    didn't keep anything that failed so no pictures of them
  15. Halitech

    My mini laser engraver

    Of what? finished items or where things mess up?