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  1. Halitech

    machine - belt or bench sander edges?

    I use a dremel with a flex wand and sanding drums. Much smaller, much cheaper and can fit on even the smallest benches. Can even mount it in a work station if you want.
  2. Halitech

    what kind of leather is this

    I wonder if it's English Bridle? Veg tan that's been drum dyed and stuffed with waxes like latigo but not as greasy. With use it would become a lot softer
  3. Halitech

    Fisters hand sewing machine?

    I swear by the plasti-dip. I gave mine 3 dips and no marks at all. It also seems to have a bit more grip now as well thanks to the rubber in the dip
  4. Halitech

    Key Fob

    Be careful with the oil, you don't need that much and if you have too much, your leather will end up being soft and mushy. You;d be better off giving it a light coat and then just wetting the area you'll be bending about 10 minutes before you want to bend it over to rivet.
  5. Halitech

    Key Fob

    Looks good. I've seen his tutorial before, just been too cheap to buy the template lol Only comment is on the leather where it bends around the snap. Before you folded it over, it would have helped prevent the leather from cracking if you had wet the leather and waited a bit before bending.
  6. Halitech

    Knife Sheath Template

    Of course, leave it to the Aussie to show off with the knives Those look great Rocky. Those croc/gator pieces are cool with the way the edges lift up down the middle.
  7. Halitech

    Knife Sheath Template

    If you try to stamp after you've molded it, you'll end up with anger management issues Do your stamping but try to avoid the areas where the bend will be. If you can do your stamping fast enough that you can do your bend while the leather is still wet, it won't distort the stamping too bad
  8. https://www.tandyleather.ca/en/category/3-d-leather-stamps You can also have them printed on a 3D printer or some people make them on Delrin rods with CNC machines
  9. about 4 years for the used Adler 67 sewing machine, 6 years for the Chinese patcher bought the 1T arbor press in the first year but I only use it for 3D stamps. I've been living in a house for 4 years so no worries about my neighbors
  10. Halitech

    Knife Sheath Template

    If you put it where the first rivet in the handle is and keep it tight enough that the blade won't pop up, should be fine. Going with the option you did in the last pic would also keep it from popping up. Hopefully the blade has more weight then the handle so it should keep the knife and sheath hanging basically straight down. 1/4" is 2/8 so if you only added 1/4" and want to use a 3/8" welt, either the welt will be sticking outside the sheath or your blade space will be too small. Normally whatever I want to use for a welt, I add the same amount
  11. Halitech

    Knife Sheath Template

    I'd personally put the retainer lower on the handle to keep it from jumping out and possibly cutting your fingers when you grab for the handle. And like Hildebrand said, you need to allow more room at the opening for the wideness of the blade to come out. Allow 1/4" more for the welt as well Maybe this will give you a little more insight into putting it together http://www.knifenetwork.com/forum/showthread.php?t=41280
  12. Halitech

    Help with hidden snaps

    What kind of snaps did you use? If they were basic line 20/24 snaps from Tandy, instead of using the dome cap on 1 end, use the flat end on both. Will still have a bit of a hard spot but won't be as noticeable as the dome. If it's segma or glove snaps, pretty much SOL unless you want to start adding layers to hide them
  13. Halitech

    Belt lengths?

    Another option wold be to make them with no holes punched and cut and punch holes to order as people buy them. Makes for a potential large amount of waste but use the cut offs for bracelets to sell the next week
  14. Halitech

    Dye before burnishing?

    I agree. I've watched so many of the "Gods" on youtube and tried to make sense of why they were doing things in the order they do and decided that once I've figured things out for myself, that's the way I'm doing things. Just because it's been done a certain way for 200 years, doesn't mean a newer and better way can't come along. These people that think only the old ways are right are the ones that if they had their way, we'd still be riding around on horse and buggy, whale oil would be lighting our homes and kids would still be using slate boards to write their homework on
  15. Halitech

    Dye before burnishing?

    According to one of the best, you should burnish before dying the edges The link to his actual PDF doesn't seem to be working anymore but you can read the info and comments. Personally, I dye then burnish.